Small Laundry Room Ideas

Most of us know what it’s like to have limited space: maximizing said space will forever be a priority. So if you’ve got a tight laundry area. Some of these small laundry room ideas might give you some inspiration! Jazz up your space and make the most of every inch with these ingenious tips and tricks. You’ll be surprised at the kind of creative tools you can invent to make everyday chores that much easier.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Wicker Laundry Organizer

Take advantage of all of the wall space at your disposal. When actual square feet are in short supply, you can get more out of your room by building storage solutions on your walls.

You can build shelving, square cubbies, and even a drying rack that you can use to dry intimate fabrics after they’ve been washed.

Smaller wall racks can hold things like dryer sheets and detergent without taking up the other space allotted for bigger items.

Indoor Clothes Drying Rack

A folding ironing board just might be your best friend. If you need a spot to keep your favorite threads wrinkle-free.

You can install a wall unit that folds down when you need it and away when you don’t. Or if you’ve got really limited space. You can get a laundry storage cart and ironing board with wheels.

Rolling Ironing Sorter

If your dryer is kind of small, you can always install a retractable clothesline in your laundry room that will allow you to dry more garments quickly. It’s also energy-saving to dry your clothes the old-fashioned way. So that’s a plus as well!

Storage pieces that hang over a door are great space-saving ways to expand on an already tight place. They hold a lot of things and you’ll have whatever you need in close range.

A wall closet with adjustable shelves will be a welcome addition to your setup, providing shelves that can be moved around to accommodate different sizes and shapes.

Oval Laundry Hamper

Get a few canvas bags to transport dirty laundry to your laundry room. They’re much easier to lug than the classic laundry baskets and a little cooler to have around too. Bags can also be stored away and out of sight more easily than bulky baskets.

Pull-out hampers might be a winning idea for you to successfully sort dirty clothes that are waiting to go into the wash. They can be hidden away when you’re not using them or just trying to move around your work area easily.

If you can make it happen, a stacked washer and dryer will save you a whole lot in terms of square feet. That valuable space will turn into a place where other important things can go.

If you don’t have the space for two units stacked on top of each other, you could always go for an all-in-one machine that washes and dries your loads.

You should also swing for a front-loading machine if possible: that will maximize space even more.

Slim Slide out Storage Tower

Keeping your area as neat and organized as possible will without a doubt make space feel larger. A cleanroom will also make you feel more at ease and able to handle your responsibilities without stress.

It’s a good idea to keep your color schemes light and bright if you’re looking to paint your laundry room. Light colors lend themselves to visually enlarging a space and allow the sunshine to brighten things effortlessly.

Make sure your laundry room is well lit. You might find yourself doing laundry into the wee hours of the morning on occasion. You want to be sure you can see no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Laundry is already very much a chore for those of us lucky enough to do it. Why not make it a less frustrating one if you can help it?

Making your laundry room more inviting and open with a few fixes will definitely change the way you feel about washing clothes by creating a process that’s quicker and easier to deal with.

Put a few of these small laundry room ideas, tips, and tricks to good use and see how vastly your life and busy routines change for the better!

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