Building A Tool Shed: Plastic or Wood?

Tool shed is a small home built at garden for storing tool, special to store tools. Tool shed is additionally storage place that put outside home. As we know every homeowner always own tools to fix anything. But without having special storage place, these tools can add clutter. It can not be mixed with other stuffs at storage place within home.

Building A Tool ShedBefore building a tool shed, we face several materials option: metal, plastic and wood. Consider what material we will use. We will compare between plastic and wood. There are advantages and disadvantages we must to know since at first time.

Building A Storage Shed FoundationAdvantages:


  • It’s cheaper than wood. Most people decide building a tool shed from plastic because of this price tag.
  • Tool shed from plastic come in kits, so it will be easy to install it at the garden. Just follow instruction there. Of course, we still need additional tool to assembly it, but it will not difficult. You don’t need to own carpenter skill to assembly this tool shed type. It can be done fast.
  • Durable enough. Modern plastic is designed, planned and produced for long time usage. It’s hard and strong, withstand for weather, moisture, corrosion, even for fire.
  • Plastic needs less maintenance. To clean up it, just use water and soap. It’s so simple.

Building A Storage ShedWood:

  • This material is standard material for building a tool shed. It has good appearance at the garden. It can complement beauty of garden. This small home look natural since it’s built from wood.
  • Good durability as long as we use high quality wood, it will stand for long time.
  • More flexible in design. If we good in building, but not in design, we can purchase pre made design. Tool shed from wood has various design and shape more than from plastic.



  • It’s less appearance than wood. It’s looked like playing home for kids. It can reduce beauty of garden view.
  • It’s looked cheap item.
  • At sunny day, room inside tool shed from plastic felt hotter than wood. It will make us not comfortable when we will take and put tools there.


  • From price tag, tool shed from wood is more expensive than from plastic.
  • To build tool shed from wood need skill. Even though we can purchase tool shed pre made design, but without enough skill, we will not finish job fast.
  • Wood is nor resistant from weather, moisture and fire.

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