Secret of Small Space Interior Design

If you live at small home, you need to learn concept of small space interior design. Recognize what factors make your space look larger and what make narrow. Do the first and avoid the second. What you need is smart tricks. The key factor is how to expand your room … Continue reading

How to Find the Right Curtains for Living Room

To find the best curtains for living room need consideration from functionality and aesthetic function. Using curtain we can filter light from outside and improve window aesthetic. Decorating living room will not complete before we get the right curtain for window. Some factors are involved here: rods, color, design, style, … Continue reading

Great Window Treatments in Simple Way

You can view the world outside if you home has picture window. It’s great element which can add privacy, control natural light whenever you want and provide decorative element for particular room. There are many ways to get outstanding pictures of window treatments. And good news, these methods are pretty … Continue reading