Principle of Interior Design Concepts

Concept Design Interiors

Understanding basic interior design concepts principle is a must if we want our decoration work well both functionality and pleasant to eyes. If we see from positive side, knowing this will save money to not hire interior designer anymore. However decorating with or without understanding of basic principle will produce … Continue reading

How Do Colors Affect Moods?

If you decorate your room, pick the best colors that produce certain moods as your desire. So how do colors affect moods? Can it be proven? There is strong relationship between colors and mood, even though not all them are clearly understood. Some basic understanding are enough as guidelines when … Continue reading

Few Great Ideas for Decorating Family Room

Find great ideas for decorating family room are urgent. Family room is place where all family members gathered, play card and game, share anything, discuss everything, watching favorite movies, listening music, doing hobbies and so on. Room for finding happiness. There are many ideas, even small home with limited family … Continue reading

Ultimate Living Room Idea You Can Adopt

Pay attention at your living room area. Living room is public area within your home. After looking at your garden and home exterior, then your guests will rate your living room. Give them positive experience when visit to your home with fascinating living room decoration. Give them unforgettable moment when … Continue reading