Find Company to Buy Small Homes on Wheels

Without a doubt if we look for small homes on wheels, Jay Shafer company is the first choice. He is founder and leader in this industry. And he ever lived at his home on wheels or tiny house for years. So, he guarantees that his products are proven and tested … Continue reading

Advantages of Having Tiny House

Living in tiny house give new experience. The tiny house movement was very popular years ago and the influence still felt until today. Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Tiny House company is the man behind rising of this tiny house. Tiny means very small. Question here, does it good for every … Continue reading

Tiny House Ideas: Advantages, Disadvantages and Decoration

Tiny House Ideas

Rising of tiny house offers new values: save space and money, living in simplicity, fulfill weekend trip going somewhere and so on. But, is it really that tiny house for everybody? We will find some tiny house ideas whether this house is for everybody or not. After that we will … Continue reading