Organized and Functional: Fun Purse Storage Ideas

It’s easy for ladies to get lost in all of the beautiful accessories they acquire over the years, but good purse storage ideas could make all of your worries fade away. First you start out small, buying cute new bags here and there until you’re swept up into dysfunction and chaos in your closet. It’s bad enough that you don’t have enough room for your ever-expanding wardrobe, but the purses can bring in another element of stress that you really don’t want to deal with.

You want to be able to find things quickly and easily without having to do a ton of searching. You also want things to be presented in a nice way that you can show off when you want to. Most people these days can’t afford the luxury of a high-end custom closet, but you could come up with some ingenious ideas that look just as good for less than half of the expense if you get your creative juices flowing! Stop worrying about how to organize purses and start doing it!

Purse Storage Ideas

Purse storage ideas

A wall of purses”.
We’ve all seen many closets from many different celebrity figures and it’s easy to admire the work of their high-priced design teams. If you’ve got the space to blow, you can create your own wall of purses that will make them all easy to grab and pretty to present to your girlfriends! It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either: all you’ve got to do is find some shelves you love and the time to install them. From there, you can plan exactly how you want to bring your handbag storage ideas to life: will they be organized by color or size?

 Save space with clutches.
If you tend to have a lot of smaller bags and clutches, these can usually be hung from a wall without causing much damage. Get some nails and a hammer and you’re ready to work it out!

Create cubby holes in your closet.
If you’ve got a little space to spare in your closet, you could install some cubby holes where all your handbags live happily. This is a good idea for the kind of woman that likes to switch out different bags quite often: you’ll have them all at your disposal so you can make quick changes whenever you please. There’s also pre-assembled cubby-type storage options that you can purchase to house your purses in.


Handbag storage ideas

This great little handbag storage is available from


Invest in nice fabric-lined boxes with lids.
Although they’ll take up a little more space, fabric-lined storage boxes will protect your most precious purses from scratches, age and everyday wear and tear. If you’ve got so many purses that you couldn’t possibly box them all, pick a few of your most expensive ones to house in boxes on a more permanent basis.

Get an inexpensive armoire.
If you’re a thrifty chick, you could find a great armoire to fix up and use as a “purse station”. You could install shelves inside and use every square inch as purse storage.

Purse Organizer for Closet

How to organize purses in a closet: try this door storage available from


Take advantage of the space on your door.
It’s sometimes all too easy to pass up the usable space right before our eyes. You can hang all kinds of nifty contraptions right on the backside of your door that can store your handbags easily and efficiently. This keeps them out of harm’s way while still making them totally accessible: if you ever want to switch out purses at the last moment, you don’t have to go searching all over for the bag you want to swap out!


Hook it up!
Take a tip from the big retailers and hang your purses up on those long hooks. Anytime you go to the handbag section in your favorite store, you’re most likely to run into those hooks that hold multiple bags at once. Why not put this idea to good use with your handbag collection at home?

There are a ton of options out there for you when it comes to purse storage. The first priority should always be keeping your bags same from harm and finding out the best way to keep them neat, organized and easy to spot. Don’t let all of these winning purse storage ideas pass you by!



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