Simple Steps to Build Cheap Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar Building PlansStep by step building outdoor tiki bar

Go to the store, buy plywood sheets. Determine first how many sheets you need. Find straw and tighten with staples into plywood. Plywood and straw will be top part of your tiki bar. If you live at suburban region, easy to find straw. After finishing attach straw into plywood, cut edge part to make tidy.

Prepare to build frame. Dig ground at least one feet. Pour gravel and cement to make it  stronger. Attach four bamboo poles into ground and plywood. Control height of plywood installation. Ensure in the same height. Then attach palm leaves over plywood as roof. You can use rope and wire to tighten it.

Do electrical installation. Several small outdoor lamps are enough. Put storage place to store frozen drinks. You need it if you make party. That’s it. Your sweet hut for party is ready to burn your Saturday night with friends.

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