Simple Steps to Build Cheap Tiki Bar

Building a tiki bar at your backyard is good idea to bring tropical lifestyle. Sweet place to gather your friends to make small outdoor party at Saturday night or holiday. To build it, you don’t need expert carpenter skill. And materials you need you can find at home improvement and party store. Your tiki bar will be small piece of heaven at your backyard. Your backyard view will not be the same anymore after you build this small hut.

Building A Tiki BarBuilding a tiki bar is also good to save your budget? Why? It can reduce your money to trip somewhere to fulfill your holiday. Just create exciting event at this sweet hut and feel new tropical sensation lifestyle with your friends.

Building Outdoor Tiki BarMaterials and items you need

List materials for building a tiki bar are four bamboo poles, plywood, palm leaves, accessories, sturdy table and traditional look chairs. Bamboo poles you can get at material store. It will be poles or pillars. You  need plywood to build semi permanent wall. Palm leaves as roof. If you live at midwest region, there are many there. Floating candles are unique accessories to create Hawaiian decoration style. And sturdy table, of course you need it for exciting party. You don’t want your table crumple while you are in party, don’t you?

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