Light Up Your Caribbean Party with Crazy Decoration

Let’s talk about Caribbean party ideas to light up your event. Never hear Caribbean party? Great party besides Halloween party you can do. If you ever see movie Pirate Caribbean, then you can imagine how Caribbean party will look like. Usually this party is excited with colorful decoration with tropical items everywhere as accessories. Unique party for American and European people. Understand first the big picture to prepare your tropical party.

Caribbean Party IdeasCreate unique invention card

If you master image editor like Photoshop, you can do without hire a graphic designer to design it. Some Caribbean party invitation card ideas: black paper with skull and crossbones, brown paper with pirate ship, beach view with coconut trees or you can take movie stars icon from pirate movies. Specify date, costume and accessories that your guests must bring like pirate pet, sword, eye patches, gloves and so on.

Caribbean Party DecorationsCaribbean party decoration

The next step is planning amazing Caribbean party ideas. Dominant color for this party are black, red, brown, yellow, blue and gold. Organize all of items well so everybody feel like stay on pirate community. Make them happy and excite.

Grab your guests attention since first time they come in. Decorate wall with big pirate flag, pirate movie posters, pirate sword and skull with crossbones. Don’t worry, your guests will not afraid see these decoration. It’s only party!

Caribbean Party FoodIf you have big TV screen, put it at center area where this party located. Play pirate movie from Johnny Depp, great actor at this film. Control TV sound, so it’s not disturb people who are not interested seeing movie.

Decorate your ceiling with fish nets. Put imitation crabs, sea star, lobsters and sea shell. Hang in proper height, to not disturb guests comfort. Hang in the right way, tighten with rope or nail at every edge. Ensure it will not off before party finish.

Treasure chest, don’t miss it. Pirates are robbers from the past. As robbers, they are proud if they can collect items robbery. Fill inside this treasure chest with coins, beads, necklaces, jewels, crowns and so on. Of course these items are imitation things. You can find at party store.

Install table cloth with tropical motifs, several small pirate ships from resin or wood, glasses with pirate flags inside it and candles.

Caribbean party food

Party will not complete unless you serve pirate style foods. What kind of foods for this party? Chicken nugget, spicy hot dog, jerk chicken, Caribbean cocktail, rum cake, grill bananas, chicken alfredo and black bean stew. If you have extra money you can order cake in pirate ship then put flag to make it like real ship. In the prime time, your guest may eat it.

Caribbean music and games

Keep your guests in pirate atmosphere. Music and games will be important element. Music can influence people mood. You can play reggae music, tropical music and Caribbean song. If you have no idea about it, just look for reggae music from Bob Marley. Ask guests to dance. Give reward for the best dancers with prize.

To stimulate your ideas, I will list some popular games for Caribbean party: the fruit race, panty house knock over and time to get what. You are free to modify these games to light up your event. Discuss with your guests. Punishment and reward are proven things to excite games.

Is there any Caribbean party ideas anymore I haven’t listed here? Sure you can add yourself.

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