Tips to Choose Skylight Designs in Living Room

Looking at homes with skylight designs in living room are very interesting, This skylight can enhance visually attraction at ceiling and bring warmth by passing natural light. Home with skylight is felt more spacious, brighter and luxurious. Generally there are two types of skylight: fixed and vented skylight. Fixed skylight is leak proof, but not openable. While vented skylight is less leak proof, but openable.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Skylight Designs In Living RoomWhen selecting skylight designs in living room, what things should you consider? I have identified three things you need to know.

Skylight direction

This is the first thing you must think before adopting idea of skylight designs in living room. You may install skylight in east, top and west side of ceiling within your living room. It has consequence in warmth timing. If you choose east side, your living room will be felt warm in the morning. Install at top side will make your living room is very bright in the middle day but also hot. While install at west side provide warmth when evening come. Think first when you need warmth in living room.

Skylight Designs Living RoomFixed vs vented skylight

As mentioned above, fixed skylight is not openable and vented skylight is openable. Fixed will make free you from moisture and water leak possibilities. Its seal will protect your living room from these negative things. While vented is not free from these factors, but it has benefits that fixed can not do. Using vented, we can adjust room temperature and bring fresh air from outside.

Skylight Designs Living RoomConsider skylight materials

All skylights are built from glass and plastic. Skylight from glass is more expensive, clearer, exclusive and has higher quality. The weakness is glass can break if suddenly there is broken tree branch and fall into this glass skylight. While skylight from plastic is cheaper, lighter and available in more design options. The weakness is its color tend to fade after years usage. Skylight from plastic is less aesthetic than glass skylight.

Complete it with cover

The best part of skylight, you can add cover to adjust how many natural light may enter and warm your room. It’s such as blinds or shutters at the window. You can consider between electronic and manual blinds to cover your skylight. My personal recommendation is choosing electronic blinds. To adjust it, you just use remote. It’s easier and more practice.

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