Simple Way to Decorate Small Living Room with Brown Color Theme

Create brown living room in small living room will be serious challenge for you. Brown is associated with dark, while dark is not right color for small room. So what we can do? The smart way is controlling balance between dark and light. Set first up which items will be brown elements, while others are light. At this condition, determine brown as accent element while others as background. What we should do only brighten room and enhance spacious impression. Here we will try to create beautiful small living room with brown sofa decoration. Let’s do it one by one.

Brown Living RoomReorganize your living room

Select which items will stay on your brown living room, while others must go. Your living room is small, space is very valuable thing. Save area as much as possible. If you put desk at living room, move to family room or bedroom. Replace big stuff with smaller and sleeker one. Too much items cause clutter.

Living Room With Brown CouchesExpand your room with color

Paint your wall with neutral colors ( cream, beige, ivory, white, light blue, light green ). These light colors can reflect sun light and living room lamps. It will expand your space look larger. Proper colors for small space.

Gray And Brown Living RoomBrighten your floor

Big carpet in small living room, specially if come with dark color will make living room look smaller. Remove it and if possible replace with hardwood floor tile. Laminated hardwood is really wonderful. Under lamp light, this hardwood look glow and shiny, make room felt more bright. If we want to put rug, choose rug with medium size, to keep its shiny hardwood floor always seen.

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