How to Find the Right Curtains for Living Room

To find the best curtains for living room need consideration from functionality and aesthetic function. Using curtain we can filter light from outside and improve window aesthetic. Decorating living room will not complete before we get the right curtain for window. Some factors are involved here: rods, color, design, style, layer and lighting. We will talk one by one.

Curtains For Living RoomCurtain rods

Of course all curtains for living room need curtain rods. No matter, how beautiful is your curtain, without high quality rods, your curtain will not be hung perfectly. Usually rods are made from metal. It comes in various design and color. Focus first at its quality to hold curtain. Don’t buy rods because you are only interested to its color and design. Remember, strength factor is more important than its unique shape. If you get sturdy rods with beautiful design, it is ultimate choice.trailer film Get Out

Curtains Gor Living Room IdeasCurtain color

This curtain is part of overall living room decoration. It’s not stand alone element, so it must be able to complete existing decoration. Basic guide: for small living room, avoid dark and rich ornament curtain. Better to use bright and simple pattern. For large living room, you have flexibility to select which curtain you will install.

Living Room CurtainDesign and style

Choose one style you will use. Curtain with belt look more formal than without belt. It’s depended on what atmosphere you will build at living room. Curtain with flower pictures are looked more informal and casual. If there are several windows at living room in separated location, keep all curtains come in the same design and style. Applying more than one design and style are fast way to destroy living room beauty.

Curtain layers

Some curtains for living room are added with layers to make it look elegant. Layers from velvet and silk can make your window decoration look luxurious and expensive. But be careful if your living room is small. Wrong layers choice can make living room felt narrow and dark. To avoid this problem at small living room, only install layers with simple design and style.

Lighting adjustment

One of main function of curtain is for adjusting how much natural light from outside may warm and brighten a room. To keep living room is bright, lighter curtain can do it. While at hot weather, to reduce hot temperature and blindingly sun light, use darker curtain to filter this light.

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