Explore Wall Art for Living Room Ideas for Your Home

Find cool wall art for living room ideas to change your living room wall appearance. We know that nothing more boring when sitting on living room, except seeing large wall without wall decoration. No need change overall living room decoration, but add small elements are enough to improve wall attraction and make your family feel happier than yesterday. Small decoration will not spend much money. What you need is sensitivity to beauty. Easiest way is following some beautiful wall decoration from interior magazine.

Wall Art For Living RoomHang pretty painting

First wall art for living room idea is hanging a painting. You don’t need install great paintings from Van Gogh and Picasso. The price will make you heartache. But you can buy reprint version. It’s almost same with genuine version. Reprint version is printed at canvas and by only adding the suit frame, your great painting is ready to adorn your living room wall. Or you can hire local artist to create your painting. Usually they will not ask you much money.

Wall Stickers Living RoomPretty framed mirror

The next simple wall art for living room idea is installing mirror. No matter square, circle or oval, as long as your mirrors completed with pretty frame, they will successfully beautify you living room wall. Wooden frame look antique and carved silver look expensive. At least, put one mirror facing window, so it will reflect natural light from outside to help your living room look larger. For small living room, it’s very useful.

Wall Art Ideas For Living RoomFaux painting kit

Think like an artist and use faux painting kit to decorate your wall. You don’t need to study at art school to create art look wall. Just use this unique tool. Simple tool with clear instruction will make you easy express your taste. There are many pattern options when you buy this tool. If you want to manipulate your low ceiling, try to create vertical striped line with this tool.

Showcase your collectible stuffs

Install shelving on the wall is easy way to display your collectible stuffs. If you have special things like crystal, vase, handmade wooden toy, old books, photos and souvenirs from your traveling around the world, don’t be shy to display them on living room. Maybe your guests will be impressed.

Install big photo

Maybe you have special photo which capture unforgettable moment or sweetest thing in your life, it’s great if you print in large size, give suit frame then install above sofa on living room. Paint wall in neutral color and give dark color frame to focus photo.

Wall clock

If you love anything related to maritime theme, so install nautical wall clock and put miniature of sailing boat are really good. Nautical wall clock in anchor and ship steering design are very unique.

If you are wall clock fan and want to install several wall clocks together, arrange them to make rectangle arrangement and outside them you give wooden frame, so this frame will be like frame on painting. And set wall clocks up on different time zones.


This is last idea if you have no idea at all. Just cover your entire wall with wallpaper. Many options of design, pattern and color from wallpaper will make your wall look stylish and tidy. But ensure before installation, your wall must be flat. If you have kids, tell them to not paint on wallpaper. It’s difficult to clean up wallpaper from ink.


Some sculpture from copper, bronze, metal and resin in sun themes are really artistic to adorn your wall. Sun with funny kid face is great to make your living room look fun.


Don’t miss it with sticker. Modern sticker offer almost unlimited options to express your creativity, from stickers with themes like animal, tree, flower, artsy, sport, abstract and so on are ready for use.

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