10 Trendy Paint Colors for Kitchen – Ideas for Kitchen Colors

As furniture selection, choices for adoption in the Paint colors for the kitchen are an essential step in the process of reforming.

Whether you want something classic or on the contrary, which stands out a bit from the crowd. You must first answer several questions: does this match the fronts of the furniture? Will the light circulate there well? Won’t I get tired of it too quickly?

You just have to choose from the most trendy paint colors for a kitchen.

Trendy paint colors for kitchen walls:

1. White, a safe bet

White paint color

White is a paint color that matches perfectly with contemporary furniture in the same tones

Impossible to dethrone it, white is undoubtedly the color that always works wonders in the kitchen. To give a feeling of space, to bring light, to harmonize with colored.

 Combined with wood

Combined with wood, white always works perfectly

Besides, don’t be afraid to bet on him in total look in a room with contemporary looks. It will instantly result in a feeling of elegance and tranquillity.

2. Terracotta, a healthy glow

Terracotta trendy kitchen paint color

Terracotta is a trendy kitchen paint color that goes perfectly with marble and chic rustic furniture

Elected color of the year in 2015, terracotta still has a bright future ahead of it. After having invested the bedrooms and the living room in the form of painted walls or decorative accessories, it is now the kitchen’s turn to open its doors to terracotta.

terracotta kitchen

Black furniture and blond wooden shelves are fun alongside the terracotta in the kitchen

Combined with blond wood, black, white, or even marble, it warms the atmosphere of the room in the blink of an eye. Be careful though to adopt it sparingly at the risk of quickly getting tired of it. Keeping up with trends is tempting, but it’s always more prudent to bet on timeless and timeless decor ideas.

3. Midnight blue, deep color

Midnight blue ideal paint color

Midnight blue is an ideal paint color to reinforce the niche feeling in this kitchen

To create a feeling of well-being, enveloping and comforting in the kitchen, midnight blue is the perfect color! If it is ideal in the background to accommodate tall furniture. I

Sky blue kitchen

Sky blue gives this modernly furnished kitchen a warmer and more welcoming touch

t can also be used to compose boundaries. The Classic Blue shade was also elected Pantone color.

Midnight blue paint color

Like a gradient, the midnight blue here responds to low kitchen furniture

In a kitchen that would be installed in a recess, for example, painting walls and ceilings in this deep tone instantly give it a feeling of additional square meters.

4. Mustard yellow, solar spirit

Khaki and mustard yellow

Khaki and mustard yellow in the kitchen: a successful combination

Sun, warm, refreshing… mustard yellow is one of those colors that shine on the pieces that have bet on it. In the kitchen, it has been a staple for several years, regardless of the style of the room.

mustard yellow

Mustard yellow is a color that appeals to a country chic kitchen

If it’s long associated with the shiny black furniture of the “New York” soul, it’s a traditional or even country-like look we’re looking for today. The flagship colors with which to associate it? Black, dark grey and against all the odds, khaki!

5. Forest green, vegetal note

Forest green

In this kitchen, the brick has been repainted in a deep green to accompany the furniture

A real must-have! The forest green, which evokes nature so clearly with its deep tone, continues to invade our interiors. And the kitchen is not to be outdone.

forest green wall

The forest green wall is here the extension of the low furniture of the same color

If he first interfered in this room with the fronts of cupboards and some decorative objects, he now invites himself on the wall. And it is very often in the total look that it causes a sensation.

6. Black, elegant dark

black painted wall

In this modern kitchen, the black painted wall brings warmth and elegance

The black first attribute is the ability to make any room when adopting walls, even when he plays his mat, not a shiny card.

Black background and white furniture

Black background and white furniture for a retro atmosphere in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it lends itself to many interpretations. It is enjoyed both alongside contemporary furniture and near more rustic lines. On black, everything becomes brighter, and why we love it so much. Black also goes perfectly with wood in the Paint Colors for Kitchen.

7. Beige, reserved character

beige kitchen wall

In a mix and match of countryside and modernity, beige is causing a sensation

The beige kitchen was re-opened, courtesy of the country-style revival. If it is in perfect harmony with furniture with a traditional look, it also gives pride of place to contemporary furniture in identical tones.

beige kitchen wall contrasts

The beige kitchen wall contrasts

Marrying it with white marble ensures a modern look, a touch of luxury.

8 – Gray, sober and refined

mouse gray Paint Colors for Kitchen

Absolute class for this kitchen with Scandinavian lines whose main wall has bet on a mouse gray paint

A sober color par excellence, grey is available in a multitude of tones. Easy to combine with other colors, it reveals objects and furniture.

In a Scandinavian style kitchen, he invites himself with great fanfare to the wall, while in a more modern room, he prefers to ask himself with discretion and linearity.

Gray combined Paint Colors for Kitchen

Gray is combined in this kitchen with terrazzo, blond wood and white furniture with elegance

Don’t be afraid to mix different greys to highlight a niche, highlight a wall or create a base for museum shelves where dishes will like to be displayed.

9. Nude, discreet tone

pink Paint Colors for Kitchen

Nude pink hangs completely with terrazzo in the kitchen

You don’t necessarily think about it in the Paint Colors for Kitchen. Yet, the nude pink gradually seems to gain ground in this room, especially when the latter has bet on softness and simplicity.

nude pink Paint Colors for Kitchen

White and blond wood are the best allies of nude pink in the kitchen

We discover a plethora of hooked atoms with white, blond wood, marble and of course the terrazzo which it enhances in originality. To dare yes, but without abusing it! Discover three ways to bring a touch of pink to the kitchen.

10. Sky blue, pastel atmosphere

Sky blue Paint Colors for Kitchen

In this kitchen with a soft decor and retro touches, the cloud blue is a real plus

Very soft like a spring sky without the slightest cloud. Light blue is the favorite shade for lovers of pastel tones in the kitchen. Present without doing too much, it is a real plus in the decor.

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White, grey or black furniture, light or dark wood, retro style or modern design, it blends into the atmosphere, bringing warmth and light.

Your kitchen needs a little fresh air, but you don’t have the budget to change everything? Do not panic! Repainting your walls is sometimes enough to give it a whole new look!

If you like colorful, warm and comforting colors, you should go for mustard yellow and terracotta.

If on the contrary, your heart swings more for the deep and enveloping shades, it is towards the forest green, midnight blue, or even matt black tones that you should direct yourself.

The shades pastel they also have the coast! At the top of the list, cloud blue, and nude pink.

Finally, sobriety can also transform your room! White, grey, and beige will be your best allies if you decide to bet on simplicity and restraint.

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