Tips to Stick on Wall Tiles

Stick on wall tiles in the kitchen is budget friendly decoration. Similar process to install it like install at bathroom wall. What you need is just strong adhesive you can buy at home improvement store. One of best adhesive for this purpose is mastic. But this mastic only will attach strongly on clean and flat surface. If your kitchen wall is not fully flat, use mortar to repair it. Other tool you need is notched trowel.

Stick On Wall TilesBenefit of decoration with stick on wall tiles are cost friendly, can be done fast, simple installation and the most important: it can transform new look your kitchen more beautiful and up to date. Whatever your taste, always there are kitchen stick on wall tiles type you like. Many options available at tile store. Ask store employee to get your dream tile. If you like shiny stick on walls, consider stick backsplash tiles.

Kitchen Stick On Wall Tiles

Stick Backsplash TilesTo get better istallation, follow below step by step guide.

  1. Measure area on the kitchen wall where these kitchen stick on wall tiles you will install. Use pencil to draw horizontal and vertical line as guidance when you install. Check whether your line is really straight and has same height level.
  2. Clean first all surface area. This area must be flat and clean from every dirt, oil, residual food and so on. Flatten with mortar if you find certain area not flat.
  3. Spread mastic using notched trowel all over wall surface that you have marked, from top to bottom, light to right.
  4. Install one by one tile carefully following horizontal and vertical line. Press them with your hand to make attach strongly at the wall. Use sharp knife to tidy the end of tile if necessary. Usually it will be happen. Be careful with your fingers when cutting this tile.
  5. Check if everything are done well in the each position. Then above and bottom area of tiles, you spread with mastic to make stronger attaching. Don’t spread too much adhesive.
  6. Wait between 10-12 hours until this installation is strongly attach on the wall and mastic is really dry. Then use damp cloth and warm water to clean residual grout and mortar.

Congratulation. Now you have new kitchen decoration.

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