The integrated kitchen in the living room

It is increasingly common to find homes that present their kitchen open to the living room. It is a trend that little by little has been gaining strength. A force that is increasing. And the truth is that this method of distribution of the home and specifically the kitchen and living has two great advantages:

  • 1- It is a perfect option to save space and make the most of it. Something really important in those homes that have few square meters.
  • 2- Being open to the living gives the kitchen a greater role, makes it an important area for family coexistence and gives back its old role as a center for family gatherings and a place to share activities, tasks, and talks.

The truth is that the possibilities when it comes to an open kitchen, without endless, as many as you can imagine. And it is also true that the best option should be chosen after knowing and studying very well the needs, both of the space and of the inhabitants of the home.

kitchen wirh living room

The totally open spaces without elements that delimit the different zones or rooms are increasingly common. You can bet to include an island as a table that unifies both environments. And through the decoration and colors chosen, this unification can be reinforced or on the contrary. The different rooms can be marked through them.

The bars are also an alternative to which much is used. Perhaps because it is a very comfortable and functional solution at the same time. Allows saving even more space if it is a normally narrow element that offers a large base as a table.

In the case of the bars, the different rooms are more clearly defined. But they also allow for a connection between the living room and the kitchen.

Regardless of whether you bet on a bar or a totally open solution. The idea is that each space has a certain visual autonomy. That is to say, that each zone, although they are in the same environment is visually separated from the other. That is something that can be achieved as we said before through colors but also from many other solutions or decorative elements: carpets that delimit each space; a piece of furniture, glass or screen that acts as a light separator, etc.

But it must also be taken into account that although it is convenient that each zone has a visual autonomy. It is equally important that the decoration contributes to harmonizing the whole space. So the whole is balanced and harmonious.

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