Secret to Create Wonderful Small Bar Design

Why don’t you create small bar design at your kitchen or basement? If you have extra space, this idea is good for you. Perfect place for entertaining your guests. Bring your guests like on real pub or restaurant. Is it expensive? The answer is vary depending on your design, specification and feature. Feel sensation like amateur bartender to excite your home party. At least it can reduce your time to visit your favorite restaurant, because you own it now. Let’s start to plan designing simple small bar design.

Small Bar DesignHelpful source

If you want starting fast without hassle, without spending much time for long learning curve to plan, design and prepare everything, consider to buy online small bar design setup. Some companies offer this service at competitive price. Or you can start designing using desktop application like SmartDraw. If you are good in planning, but bad in carpenter skill, don’t hesitate to contact skilled carpenter to realize your design. Spend more money can be accepted to realize your dream bar. Clever trick is seeing classify ads. See garage ads, maybe you will find used bar in good condition. You only need to repaint and make some modifications.

Bar Designs For Small SpacesWhere you put your bar

Whether you build at kitchen or basement, it’s great place as long as there is enough space. But for small kitchen, it will be difficult. Maybe you need to reorganize all items, remove unnecessary items and free some spaces. If you want privacy benefit, then basement is good room.

Home Bar DesignWhat design you like

Small bar design can be planned starting from simple to custom design. General simple shape is small bar with U shape. Here you organize furniture, bar tools and appliances in U shape. As bartender, you stand in the center place and your guests sitting at bar chairs in front of bar table.

Features selection

Depending on your design, shape and space available at your room, you can select feature options. Maybe we need to compromise only fulfill with important items if we only have limited space. Available features you can select:

  • Refrigerator. You need to store drinkings, ensure they are in cold condition. When you install electrical outlet, keep tidy all cable channels. Put carpet below refrigerator to absorb water lacking.
  • Rack shelving. Bring your small bar design like real bar. Rack shelving to store liquor bottles, bar glasses, wine, beer and coffee mugs and bar tools.
  • Wall decoration. Have you ever seen movie Cocktail by Tom Cruise? Spice up your bar with posters related bars atmosphere.
  • Bar lighting. Consider to decorate your small bar with pendant and tube lighting. Lamp store offers many types you like. Above rack shelving, good if you complete with hockey puck light.
  • Bar chairs. Usually bar chairs or bar stools are designed higher than ordinary chairs. It’s for adapting with bar table or counter space height. For flexibility stools, choose adjustable stools.
  • Bar table. This is main furniture at your home bar. Select bar table with standard height and ensure this table is constructed from sturdy wood. Anticipate from damaging caused hot drinking with glass coasters.
  • Special rack for wine. Wine is special drinking for bars. It reflects luxurious lifestyle. Keep them in beautiful wine rack.

List your stock

For successful your home party, you need to stock all items like glasses ( beer, coffee, wine, etc ), fruit drinkings ( lemon, orange, cherries, fruit juices, ice, etc ) in refrigerator, favorite bar drinkings ( wine, beer, bourbon, scotch, rum, etc ) in rack shelving and bar tools ( cork screw, cocktail shaker, bottle opener, blender, etc ). Make comprehensive checklist to not miss important things.

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