Secret to Create Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

The attraction of creating distressed black kitchen cabinets is that it’s an easy way to give a rustic look to your kitchen. This approach is particularly suited to black kitchen cabinets. Distressing is a process used to give your kitchen furniture an aged look. This is a simple DIY task and doesn’t require special tools or great skill. Here’s your chance to show your appreciation of traditional living and style. Express yourself by creating a distressed surface on your kitchen cabinets.

Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets
Remove kitchen cabinet hardware

The first step is to remove all kitchen cabinet hardware like handles and knobs using a screwdriver. Put them aside and note where they came from so there is no confusion when you go to reinstall them. You might also want to remove the cabinet doors and paint them in a separate area.

Furniture Look Distressed
Prepare kitchen cabinets for painting

If your kitchen cabinets are already black, you can skip ahead to step 4. If your kitchen cabinet color is not black, you’ll need to prepare the surfaces and paint them. Use medium grade sandpaper to prepare the existing paint surface. Be careful if you decide to use an electric sander as this can take off too much of the paint surface leaving a patchy surface to paint over. Make sure you wipe off any excess dust from sanding before getting ready to paint.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Pictures
Paint it black

Before applying the black paint, paint first with a primer as this will improve the quality and look. Don’t overdo the primer though as it may produce visible spots on the finished surface. Hiding these spots is not easy, and may require starting over with the sanding.

Use a roller to paint the larger areas and a brush to paint those more tricky areas where the roller can’t reach with black. Try and ensure good airflow when painting by opening windows and doors and try to paint on a dry day. Try not to paint when it’s too hot as the paint will dry quickly and may leave brush marks or lumps. If it is quite warm you can thin the paint slightly for easier application. In cooler or wetter weather the paint will dry more slowly so make sure you leave enough time for the paint to dry completely.

Creating the distressed look

Now comes the fun part of making your distressed black kitchen cabinets! Use very fine grade sandpaper to lighten the surface in patches, gentle taps with a hammer for dents, and a nail or chain to make your own unique pattern of wear. Create small holes and lines along with the kitchen cabinet. Don’t overdo this part as it is possible to be over-enthusiastic and end up seriously damaging your cabinets. The same applies to sand and other marks. Start with small areas to test the look you want. You can always add more distressing features as you go. Excessive marks can look fake and amateurish. So remember to try and keep the look simple, resembling realistic wear on an aged piece of furniture.

Sealing the cabinets

Use a polyurethane sealant to protect the surfaces on your kitchen cabinets. Seal all surfaces using a roller where you can. Wait until the sealant is dry, and then reattach all handles and knobs.

So that’s it. You now have fabulous distressed black kitchen cabinets!

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