Orange Kitchen Style for Welcoming Impression

Why not be bold and consider an orange kitchen style? Orange is a happy color associated with citrus and fresh and healthy foods.  Color experts claim that orange increases energy, creativity and enthusiasm, getting us in the mood to cook something special. Splashes of orange are considered a favorite color for a family room. But, what about orange for a kitchen?  It’s fine as long as you know how to use it. So how do you use orange to lift the mood in a kitchen as you would when you use orange in a family room?  As always, it’s down to careful planning and design so here are some things to consider when designing your orange color kitchen.

Orange Kitchen

Be Balanced

Orange is a powerful color so the orange kitchen style needs to take a balanced approach to using the color. Limit how much orange you use and stick to a single shade.  Too much orange or multiple shades could be overwhelming and too unusual for most people – you don’t want a totally orange kitchen.  Getting the proportions of orange right and combining them with analogous colors is a great way to achieve the feel and atmosphere of a Mediterranean style kitchen.

Orange Kitchen Decor


One of your first decisions after you’ve decided to create that orange kitchen style is to choose whether you will use orange as the wall color or as the kitchen cabinet color. Don’t do both!  If you paint your walls orange or have an orange splashback your kitchen cabinets would look good in grey, white or brown.  Alternately, you may choose to have your orange on the kitchen cabinets.  In this case, you could paint your kitchen wall in white or light grey. These combinations will ensure your kitchen look clean, bright and airy.  Some great shades of orange to consider include tangerine, Tahiti gold and persimmon.

Orange Kitchen Accessories

Choice of Kitchen floor

Either a hardwood floor or porcelain tiles work well with an orange style kitchen.  While the tiles will help the kitchen look more spacious and bright, the hardwood floor could offer a more natural and modern feel.  The choice is yours but I prefer the hardwood floor as I feel it breaks up the stronger colors in an orange kitchen better than the tiles.

Furniture and accessories

If you want to select kitchen stools which will sit against orange cabinets or an orange wall, consider white or gray.  Orange stools will tend to blend in and disappear, becoming less of a feature.  If the stools are against a white or grey background you can use orange kitchen stools as a focal point of the kitchen.

For accessories, you could use orange flowers in a simple glass vase for a splash of color.

People often overlook lighting when planning their rooms which is a pity as the right light fittings really bring the whole room together.  Depending on the rest of your design it may just take a suspended light with an orange shade to complete your orange style kitchen decoration!

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