Learn to design farmhouse kitchen style

If you live in an old farmhouse or have decided to design a kitchen for your new home. The farmhouse-style kitchen evokes feelings of country and comfort. Many designers and companies produce vintage or tanned new cabinets and items for your kitchen. So you can put together the firm look. Developing a plan and design for your kitchen is the first step in the fight against a touch-up project.


Define a budget. Designing and restoring a kitchen can cost thousands of dollars. Stick with your design budgets around must-haves like an antique stove, farmhouse sink, and new cabinets. Save money by shopping in antique outlets and visiting real estate sales.

Look for inspiration. The best way to start the design process is to know exactly what you want. If you are working with a designer, explore the colors and design elements when designing what you want for your kitchen. Looking at portfolios that involve similar styles will give you ideas for how you want your layout design to be. Most farm kitchens have lighter colors on the walls and color is added with decor and window treatments.

• Select the floor. Several floor options are available, and a few popular choices for farm kitchens include hardwood, ceramic and stone flooring. Hardwood floors can create an aged effect, which is popular in farm kitchens. Hardwood can also be painted if you wish to add color and contrast to the surface of your floor. Ceramic tiling is flexible and fits into both rustic and modern farmhouse kitchens. Stone flooring can be professionally installed and provides a natural-looking floor that will blend into a rustic and simple firm decor.

• Choose cabinets that are simple and refined. Natural wood cabinets are an option that will accommodate most design choices. You can also choose faux finish your existing cabinets. Design a texture that includes weathering and distressing the appearance of your existing cabinets. Keeping exposed beams and natural wood in the kitchen area will help add style to your farm kitchen.

• Incorporate devices. Decide whether you want to use modern-looking appliances or your desire to go for a more rustic or vintage feel. Choose a device restoration company that will offer completely restored old devices that are in safe working condition.

Tips and Warnings

  • Simplify your farm design. Incorporate as much natural wood and stone as possible.
  • Keep your look minimal and avoid heavy decorating and bright colors on cabinets and countertops.

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