How to give a rustic style to the kitchen?

The home is the resting place and is where we receive our family and friends, people of our full confidence. Which we always want to honor when we invite them to eat a pizza or a barbecue. The wood-burning ovens or the barbecues allow us to give that tasty and particular touch to our meals. And these in themselves are showy, and give the kitchen an aesthetic and homelike touch.

The different designs of each one are adapted to offer the best quality craftsmanship, guaranteeing that each oven or barbecue complies. The most rigorous standards to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

To obtain a rustic appearance in spaces. We generally make use of elements such as floors, lamps, chairs, and wooden dining rooms, as well as lamps and vintage accessories. If you want to achieve this style in our kitchen there are other options that are very useful in the home and also give a rustic appearance.

The wood furnaces

Within the utility variety, tradition and aesthetics are sought. Wood ovens give the perfect touch and are the most suitable at any altitude or climate. They can cook pizzas and other foods with little oil and healthier. In this area, we can check which wood-burning ovens are the prices to choose the one that best suits our budget. Since they can vary according to size and materials.

The refractory clay ovens, made of kaolin and red clay. Allow the perfect cooking to be maintained; its armored design makes it have thermal inertia, allowing the heat waves to bounce back to the food and in this way, the cooking of the food will be done faster. The materials of these ovens allow them to be self-cleaning.

The classic stone kilns with natural stone finish and metal accessories are ideal for more conservative tastes, white cork options are also available that give a more serene tone. There are others of solid and refractory curved brick finish, of two levels, that allow double cooking, ideal for what many guests or a food sales business have.

Grills and clay pots

The grills and casseroles made with refractory clay are the best tools for roasts, these utensils, being manufactured in a completely handmade way, are cooked at 1050 centigrade, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. The grills and clay pots with grooves are ideal for roasts “to the water” and is formed by a natural glaze free of lead and cadmium, makes them very resistant to high temperatures and, therefore, can be used in any type of kitchen, whether of wood oven, embers, electric cookers , coal, among others.

In these casseroles, you can cook any type of meat, such as suckling pig, lamb, kid, and lamb, or fish and many others. And the beautiful reddish brown color makes it contribute to the artisanal and homelike touch that we like so much.

Stone barbecues

The stone barbecues are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful accessories that can be found in the garden and that serves as a kitchen. When we are outdoors, this can be very useful and provide aesthetics when cooking.

There are several models of stone barbecues with a bell or without bell, and they can have a deposit to store firewood or charcoal. They also have a bar for the wide work area that allows us to handle our culinary creations in a comfortable way.

The barbecues are made of granite and other materials of great durability. You can also find stone barbecues that come combined with wood-burning ovens. So you can make a greater variety of dishes.

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