How To Choose Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

Choosing proper kitchen ceiling light fixtures need tricky way. Lighting for kitchen is  slightly different with lighting for other room. For example, we can use table lamp or floor lamp at living room and bedroom, but it can not be done at kitchen. Lamp for kitchen must to fulfill two requirements:

1.         Lamp is able to cover specific area or zone

2.         Lamp style is matching with kitchen decoration style

Lamps can be installed at certain area where its lighting will be needed. Above countertop or food preparation area are two area examples to install it. How to select the right kitchen ceiling light fixtures are depended several factors. Four lighting type below will give short illustration:

Recessed Lighting

This is common classic kitchen lighting type. Usually it has diameters 4”, 5”, 6”. This lighting is able to illuminate specific area. Example for this type is halogen and incandescent bulbs. This lamp is installed at ceiling. Common problem, this lamp produce shadow, because lighting from ceiling will fall into kitchen furniture like kitchen cabinet. Beside that, this type spend high energy. Permanent installation will not easy to replacement anytime.

Track Lighting

This is other version of recessed lighting. It is installed at the bottom of ceiling. It has recessed lighting characters with few improvements. It is also energy waster and produce shadow at kitchen. Good improvement of this lamp, it is more movable than recessed lighting. Whenever we will replace and move it, it is possible easily to be done.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixtures

This kitchen ceiling light fixtures is less consuming energy if we compare with recessed and track lighting. Usually center of room is good place for this lamp. It contains one or two bulbs and then outside these bulbs are covered with tranluscent cover. Beautiful to illuminate certain area at kitchen, but it will not able to illuminate until corner area.

Hanging Pendant Light Fixtures

From its name, we know that this lamp type is installed at hanging position. Perfect to illuminate diner room. Similar with flush mount ceiling fixtures, this lamp type is energy saving. However this lamp is less bright than recessed and track lighting, but enough to illuminate specific area that we specify it.


Measure kitchen area, determine what lamp type and how many lamp will be needed, make sure everything are in matching style, avoid clutter by adding too much lamps and less combination is better.

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