Guide to Choose Paint Colors for Kitchen

Choose the right paint colors for the kitchen to involve both function and aesthetic. Colors can affect mood. We hope we always in a positive mood every time. Good color selection can help it. The limitless option makes us overwhelmed. You must set up first your plan and goal, whether you will select based on trend and popularity or create a spacious impression for your small kitchen.  Follow the below guides to overcome your confusion.

Get ideas from kitchen cabinet

The kitchen cabinet is essential stuff in the kitchen. We can explore determining paint colors for the kitchen from it. Actually we have two options: paint wall following kitchen cabinet or paint kitchen cabinet following the wall. But if we want to save the budget and effort, the painted wall is easier than painting a kitchen cabinet. The decision is yours. But if we think we have a special kitchen cabinet from maple or oak wood that needs a repaint, then wall following kitchen cabinet.

Assume we will follow the first option, for dark kitchen cabinet, paint wall with bold color. For example, for brown kitchen cabinet, earth tones wall color is good. For the light kitchen cabinet, neutral colors are good. If you want to feel happy at the kitchen, then try soothing palettes like shades of yellow, tan and green.

If you consider painting a kitchen cabinet following the trend, then neutral colors, muted tones, and bold hues are great options.

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