Granite and Laminate As Kitchen Countertop Materials

The right choice of kitchen countertop options can make kitchen look elegant, beautiful and comfortable. At the market there are many materials used to build countertop, such as granite, laminate, engineered stone, wood, ceramic, stainless steel and so on. Here we will focus at granite and laminate.

Granite Countertop

Granite is natural stone. One of most popular material as kitchen countertop options. Its natural pattern is beautiful. It’s perfect both for functionality and beauty. Granite is durable, strong, smooth and hard.

Benefit: hard, durable, strong, smooth surface, come more than 3000 colors choice, improve kitchen value, bring classic and modern look together, timeless beauty, elegance, luxurious reflections, work with many kitchen decoration style.

Weakness: price is expensive, maintenance is rather difficult, surface absorbs stain, can crack  or wrong installation, under stressed, surface can dull after long time usage, not easy to install.

Laminate Countertop

If we look for countertop material with inexpensive price, laminate is good material as kitchen countertop options. Lamitate is less maintenance. Three popular trademarks of laminate are Nevaar, Formica and Wilsonart. If we pay attention at budget, here is good material choice. Laminate has smooth surface. Its surface is made from plastic coated synthetic.

Benefit: maintenance is easy, durable enough, many colors available, inexpensive price, modern look, good alternative as countertop material.

Weakness: don’t put hot stuff above it, scratch possibility and very difficult to repair, expensive for end finishing

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