Explore Possible Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Finding the right kitchen cabinet paint colors are big step to make you happy cooking at your kitchen. Wrong colors will cause kitchen look narrow. In this situation usually people start thinking to buy again kitchen cabinet. But if we calculate, repaint is cheaper than buy new cabinet. So, we can take conclusion that the problem is not at kitchen cabinet itself, but on the color choice. Small kitchen need light colors, while big kitchen with tall ceiling will be more suit with darker colors.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint ColorsFor some reasons, some colors will work better than other colors. But actually, your kitchen cabinet paint colors selection are limited by kitchen size, countertop color and your own taste. Let’s explore some good possibilities of kitchen cabinet paint colors.

Kitchen Paint Colors With Light CabinetsClean look with white

Painting kitchen cabinet with white will make it look clean, clear and neutral. White is everlasting color. Its charm will withstand for very long time. Especially for small kitchen, apply white on kitchen cabinet is really good, add bright to kitchen and create spacious illusion. This white also help your countertop to look more focus. If you have dark granite or marble countertop, white kitchen cabinet will be contrast background.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors IdeasThe power of black

Black is opposite color of white. Black has ability to show either contemporary or traditional kitchen cabinet. If you love having black kitchen cabinet, so paint your kitchen wall with white and install white countertop to help this cabinet look stronger. One main benefit of black, it will not easy look dirty by dust and stain.

Flexible green

Green is flexible color. It has many shades, from light to dark. Stand alone shade is good, but combine two shades are wonderful. Light shade of green make kitchen cabinet look bright and pop. Also this color has natural character to make people feel relax, calm and harmony. If you are bored with light shade, try darker shade of green to create rustic style. For creative idea, combine two shades on cabinet, for example paint body with darker shade and door with light shade.

Bright yellow

No matter weather situation outside your home, if you paint your kitchen cabinet with yellow, it will help your kitchen look bigger and bright like on shiny day. Yellow also affect mood people to feel happy and active.

Brave red

For people who spirited young, try to paint kitchen cabinet with red. Red will stimulate your spirit and adrenaline to finish what you have started. It looks sophisticate and your red cabinet will not lose its charm when you put near shiny stainless steel appliances.

Other beautiful kitchen cabinet paint colors you may be will interested are cobalt blue, pale blue, candy apple red, sage green, tangerine and light lavender.

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