9 ideas for decorating elongated and narrow kitchens

Are you unlucky enough to have a narrow kitchen in your home? Don’t worry. You’re neither the first nor the last. It is more common to find a house with elongated and narrow kitchens than spacious.

But this doesn’t have to be a disgrace to you. Just know how to make the most of the space so that everything is to your liking. Would you like to know how? Well, let’s give you a few ideas to decorate your narrow kitchen!

It’s important to choose the color well

Before you think about the furniture and how you’re going to distribute it, let’s go to the first part: choosing color. For small elongated kitchens, what do you think should be the best color to make space look bigger?

Indeed, the target. For walls, floors, and furniture, it is better to choose the white color, as it creates a false sense of spaciousness. Although everything in white would be a little monotonous, wouldn’t it? Well, in that case, you can put some tiles that combine white with black or that the cabinets have some detail in wood color.

Don’t you like all the walls to be white? No problem, because you could choose a darker color for one of the walls. While the two on each side will be of a lighter tone, to create contrast.

The distribution of furniture in elongated and narrow kitchens

color theme in a narrow

Are you already clear about the color theme in a narrow, long kitchen? Well, let’s talk now about the distribution of furniture. It is a very important point because depending on how you put them. They will steal a lot of space from your kitchen.

The solution is clear: one side will be the one that has all the furniture. While the other you leave, it is free to put some shelf if you need it, a table. You must sweep the option of putting the microwave and oven vertically, with a cupboard at the bottom and top for storage.

With all the furniture placed in the form of an “I,” it does not seem that furnishing an elongated and narrow kitchen is so complicated.

The size of the furniture

You are already clear on how to distribute the furniture. Now you have to see another point, the size of these. The narrow kitchens are not usually very spacious. The standard size of a kitchen cabinet, which is usually about 60 cm in the background, will rob you of valuable space.

To avoid this, we recommend that you look for modules with a 40 cm background. Indeed, you won’t find it much, especially if you’re a person with many ingredients and foods, but it’s best to decorate a narrow kitchen.

An attractive option would be to incorporate modern storage systems into your kitchen. For instance, the cabinets can be rotated and have separate storage spaces to better store food.

Think about buying open closets

Many decorative styles choose to leave the kitchen furniture open. Do you know why? Apart from for an aesthetic reason, it is to make space appear to be more significant.

Of course, you don’t have to do it with all the kitchen cabinets, but it would be interesting if some didn’t have doors.

Instead of cupboards, opt for shelves

Furnishing, a narrow and elongated kitchen is complicated because you have to think about the cupboards that will make it look like space is smaller than it looks. So, if you don’t like having open closets, why don’t you opt for shelves?

If you’re a person who doesn’t usually have a lot of food, and that enough with cupboards at the bottom, why put them on the wall? If you need some storage for jars, cereal boxes, or other food, you can put shelves. What don’t you need? Then leave the top wall completely clear!

Putting a table in a narrow kitchen

Putting table narrow kitchen

It’s not uncommon for someone to want to have a table in a narrow kitchen, but how can you put it? Well, there are a couple of options you might opt for.

The first, which would be the simplest, would be on the wall contrary to the furniture put a narrow table, about 20-30 cm, with some stools. It won’t serve you to eat, but for breakfast quietly. The other option would be a folding table but keeping in mind that this option would prevent the passage and could be a nuisance.

In an elongated and narrow kitchen, the table should be at a point that does not disturb, even if you will not use it later. It’s a shame, but it’s better for you. You’ll feel more comfortable cooking.

Opt for minimalist decor

It would fit with what we’ve told you that instead of putting cupboards on the walls, you could put shelves or leave them completely free. In fact, in the narrow and long kitchens, the minimalist decoration is the one that fits best.

But apart from talking about minimalist decor, we mean getting rid of the accessories. If you have a very elongated and narrow kitchen, don’t want objects that bother you.

Think about opening the kitchen to the living room

kitchen living room

What is known as “Open Concept” comes in handy when you have a narrow kitchen. Even if the kitchen is going to have minimal space, the one that is open to the living room, thus having a kitchenette will give you the feeling that space is more significant than it looks.

It’s a bit of a drastic solution, but if you’re a person who gets overwhelmed in tight spaces and needs to be spacious to work at ease, it will be your best option.

Put the island in a narrow kitchen?

You can’t put an island in the small elongated kitchens, no less much as you try. The islands are only put in the case that the kitchen is open concept, and that also serves to delimit the spaces.

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