Build Successful Open Kitchen Models

Are you planning to remodel kitchen? Consider some open kitchen models. These models will make your kitchen more roomy and able to increase efficient workspace. Good news, there are many sources to stimulate your ideas: websites and magazines. Use free online tools like SmartDraw and Ikea tool. To find out attractive color combination, try free amazing personal color viewer from Benyamin Moore. You will not believe that creating new models will give you pleasure experience. You don’t need to hire designer if you want to save your budget. Let’s start the journey to find your dream kitchen model.

Open Kitchen ModelsRemove wall if possible

One of best recommendation to create open kitchen models is removing wall. Work with single wall make your kitchen become roomy, bright and airy. Good if there is glass window at your kitchen. To create higher ceiling look, install recessed lighting. After removing wall, try to only paint all all sides with same color. All neutral colors work well for open kitchen. Also don’t create separation impression by installing different tiles between kitchen floor and room around it. Shiny wooden floor is very nice for this kitchen style. It helps kitchen look more bright.

Open Kitchen Design PhotosBuild island counter

Complete your open kitchen models with island counter and put it at center position. The best top surface material for this island counter is granite or marble. Their natural pattern and characteristics will create expensive and luxurious kitchen, also strong, durable and timeless beauty. Area around this island counter is free space for you to walk and move when you are doing all your cooking activities. To save space and maximize function, select island counter with drawers. You can use to store any stuffs. When you select chairs, choose thin and sleek Love Lesson 2013 film now

Open Plan Kitchen DesignsUse L shaped arrangement

Try to arrange all cabinet and appliances ( refrigerator, stove, sink, microwave, etc ) in L shaped configuration to make your kitchen items organizing look clean, concise and tidy. This arrangement style also provide additionally space at one side. If your kitchen stuffs are less, try to not install upper cabinet, so you can use those area to hang pans and pots.

Repaint your wall

All open kitchen models need to be seen bright. If you feel your existing kitchen is felt narrow and dark, inspect all large elements ( wall, floor and ceiling ). Most problem factor is wall. White and romance grey are beautiful colors for open kitchen models. But you may use any colors as long as not dark colors. Paint window sills with white will make your window look more shiny.

Install drawers inside cabinets

Check your cabinets. If you find empty space, try to install drawers. It will help to organize any items there. If you have basic carpenter skill, i can be DIY task, no need to pay carpenter. Paint cabinets with analogues colors with wall.

The power of mirror

Useful accessories for open kitchen models are mirrors. Utilize mirrors to reflect natural light and electrical lamp light. Mirror is magic item to create double illusion for small space. When installing mirror, consider direction of light reflection. Avoid your face from light reflection.

Bring freshness

To maximize roomy effect from your open kitchen design, prepare fresh plants and put it at wicker basket. Put at the corner. Ensure those plants get enough sun light. If you like flowers in vase, put it at window sills. These are additionally elements, but still work well.

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