Amazing DIY Countertop Ideas

There are a ton of DIY countertop ideas out there that will help you take your old, worn-out counters from drab to fab with a little elbow grease and a few days’ time. Do you find that your current counters are painful to look at? Are they at their wit’s end from years of use and wear and tear?

Is it time to jazz up your kitchen counters? Well then, one of these beautiful ideas for doing it yourself countertops should tickle your fancy and breathe new life into your kitchen!

Wood Countertops

If you’ve got a lower traffic area that needs an update. You should try on some inexpensive wood for doing it yourself countertops! You can use these in your kitchen, but wood takes a lot of work to maintain. It takes to keep it from getting wet to preventing warping and water damage down the line. So this kind of counters would be best served as far away from the sink as possible, like in a serving area.

Head out to your local home improvement store and find yourself the straightest, prettiest pine wood plank you can get. If you have more than one area to do, you’ll require more planks. You’ll have to cut the plank(s) several times to match up to your counter’s unique measurements. Once they’re cut, you’ll want to have your positioning perfect before you line the edges that meet with wood glue or another strong wood adhesive. Join the glued edges and clamp them for at least 24 hours without disrupting the drying process at all.

Once it’s dry, you’ll have a piece of wood that’s reminiscent of expensive butcher block for less than half the price! Fill all joined seams with wood filler and allow it to dry thoroughly. Next comes sanding: if you have an electric sander it won’t feel like work at all, but you can do it by hand if you must. You want the surface and edges to be extremely smooth to the touch. After you’ve got your desired smoothness down, you want to clear away all the sand and apply a wood conditioner before you coat your counter piece with at least three layers–with a light sanding in-between layer–of the stain you most desire.

Following the stain, you want to top it off with a good polyurethane finish. In the end, you’ll have a finished product that’s beautiful with a high-class luxury look. At most you should spend about $40 for the wood planks, stain and finish. This project is easier than you can imagine. You will be so impressed with the results you achieve all by yourself! This project also gets a 10 out of 10 for easiness!

Have you ever thought about installing concrete countertops?

If you like to get your hands dirty and you want an inexpensive update for your boring, cheap countertops. You should go with a concrete overlay! The concrete overlay gives off a beautiful. The industrial look that will make your kitchen pop and your friends won’t believe that you didn’t hire out professional help. ARDEX Americas is a company that specializes in all things concrete and you’ll need their Feather Finish underlayment mix to coat your countertops.

The charm of Feather Finish is that it can be used over virtually any surface and it’s super affordable! If you’re looking to cover a smooth surface like Formica or laminate. You’ll have to add some roughness with a sanding tool so that the Feather Finish can set and stick.

You’ll probably need to coat your counters in Feather Finish three or four times minimum with a thorough sanding in between each application for a uniform look and feel. If you want a really smooth concrete top. You’ll have to work with your trowel and application tools to define your lines and edges, but you can distinguish it less to achieve a relaxed, natural style. You’ll want to afford at least a day’s drying time in between each coat.

When you achieved your desired look, you’ll next need to find the appropriate sealer. If you’re doing concrete overlay countertops in your kitchen, there are food-safe sealers out there that are most appropriate. It’s probably best to seal your counters with at least two to three layers. If you don’t want to have to seal them tirelessly year after year. The more sealer you use, the darker the overall look will be. If you’d rather have a lighter concrete counter. You should find a matte sealer that will brighten the hue.

This is one of the simplest DIY countertop ideas out there and with all of the supplies factored in you can expect to spend about $50 depending on local prices. This project is essentially foolproof and you won’t believe how easy it was! On a scale of 1 to 10 for easiness. This project definitely gets a 10 in my book (with 10 being the easiest)!

If you’re looking to replace your countertops completely. You can pour your own concrete ones at home. It will take a bit more work and patience, but it can certainly be done! First you want to be sure that your cabinets can support the weight of poured concrete counters. You can add supports to them if need be. Then you’ll have to create molds based on the precise measurements of your countertop base.

Do it yourself countertops are amazing ways to add instant value and style to your home. Take the plunge and make the most of a bad situation. You’ll learn some valuable home renovation skills and there are amazing DIY countertop ideas just waiting to be tried by fresh hands!

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