Tips to Decorate with Vintage Home Decor Style

Vintage home decor means bringing people to the past decoration style. Don’t be confuse with this term. Vintage means antique, Victorian, steampunk, mid century era and reusing antique items. Focus of vintage home decor is on reusing of any items from the past to beautify a room. These items can be found at antique store or ask your friends if they own unused old items. At this modern era, decorate with vintage style seem bringing new atmosphere, bring room decoration look unique. At suburban region, we still find many homes with vintage rustic home decor.

Vintage Home DecorVintage arts

Start your vintage home decor with vintage arts. It’s cheap, you don’t need to spend much money for famous antique arts from the past. What you need is old fashioned stye. If you don’t want true vintage arts, change with reproduction of vintage arts. More modern but still reflect vintage touch. Now, go to antique store and find vintage arts:

  • Post card and stamp. Find these cheap items and frame it to protect from humidity. Later you can put above fireplace, inside rack shelving or hang on the wall.
  • Posters from classic movies. Movies like Gone with the Wind, The Deer Hunter and Sound of Music are awesome to beautify your wall.
  • Old style painting. There are beautiful old style paining from unfamous painters you can pick at bargaining price. Frame with ornamented wood frame. Cheaper price available in printing version. Don’t worry, it looks precisely like genuine paintings.
  • Old sculpture from wood and copper. If you look for items to put on your table and shelving, these items are fit choice.
  • Antique lamp. Don’t miss it with vintage lamp, even though later you will not turn on it, just using as decoration element.

Vintage Rustic Home DecorVintage stuffs

The next step, try to collect antique stuffs to complete your dream vintage home decor.

  • Old style furniture. Furniture is important element at decoration. Find wooden seat, rock chair, wicker seat, coffee table with chest game ornament and toy box to store toys for your boys. If necessary, create fake distressed mark at your wooden seat and then repaint with the same color before.
  • Antique vase. Whether you will put fresh plants or imitation plants, antique vase will look good. Find antique vases with floral ornament. If you are luck, you will get high quality vase with lower price.
  • Candle holder. At the past era, people brightened their room with candle put at holder. Now this candle holder is only as interior element.
  • Vintage cabinet. Buy old cabinet or use existing cabinet and replace its handle and drawer with copper or crystal version. If your cabinet look new and modern, repaint with old style color and technique.

Vintage House AccessoriesVintage fabrics

Decorate your window and seat cushion with vintage fabrics. Find these fabrics at eBay, Amazon, estate sales, auction house and antique store. Genuine vintage fabrics are difficult to find, but you can joint to online forum and ask to members if they have and you are interested to buy. Give specification, colors and pattern you need. For durable material, safe to buy modern production fabric with vintage pattern.

Vintage glasses

Find vintage house accessories like below:

  • Find vintage bottles in attractive colors. Place them on rack shelving and windowsill. Under sunlight or lamp, it looks shiny and pretty. Because these items are easy to break, keep out of kids and animal reach.
  • Collect jars and pour old buttons inside it if you will put at bedroom. Also good to put at bathroom to store bathroom toiletries.
  • Find glass vases and put clam shells, beach and stone sand within it. Combine this glass vases with vintage nautical wall clock.

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