The Right Way to Pick Interior Paint Color Schemes

What most important factor to create great interior decoration? The answer is color. Other things follow color combination chosen. The wrong color combination will destroy room beauty. So be careful when selecting color. Color is not only to give new appearance. More than this, color means expression, language, spirit, beauty and so on. Basic tool we can use to get good interior paint color schemes as guideline is color wheel. There are thousands color combinations, but we just need one basic color, then adding other colors to complete it.

Interior Paint Color SchemesLet’s start to choose color scheme

What your personal color preference? Where room will be decorated? What situation and atmosphere will you create? Answer first these questions before selecting colors. Every plans have certain goal. Your answer will influence interior paint color schemes you will apply.

Interior House Paint Color IdeasGet inspiration and explores many possibilities

  • Do you like gardening? Enjoy when viewing flowers? Flower can be good source idea to get favorite color and then transform interior decoration exactly like when we are in the garden.
  • Don;t limit your idea only at plain color. Colors can be implemented at varies way using many methods and techniques. If we like pattern and texture, try faux painting kits. It will make you like a pro artist. Do you want something more practice? Wallpaper is the answer.
  • Even though ways to implement colors are limitless, but we have to limit how many colors we can take. Combine too much color will destroy room beauty, it will look crowded and like amateur working. Try to not more than three colors if possible.
  • Pict your favorite color first, then other colors can be added based on family colors, monochromatic, complementary and also related colors. There are many tools to explore both online and offline.
  • Start coloring your room from wall then followed by other items. Understanding that floor and ceiling as like other wall. Give attention to these elements to achieve best result. Usually wall and ceiling are light and floor is slightly darker, but it’s your decision. Use three basic formula ( light, medium, dark) to combine colors. Determine where you will use light, where use medium and dark.

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