Principle of Interior Design Concepts

Understanding basic interior design concepts principle is a must if we want our decoration work well both functionality and pleasant to eyes. If we see from positive side, knowing this will save money to not hire interior designer anymore. However decorating with or without understanding of basic principle will produce significant difference. Art and beauty are subjective, no exact formulation, but applying basic guidelines will leverage your skill.

Interior Design ConceptsWhat’s your purpose

Most interior design concepts started by what end purpose will be reached. Different purpose will affect on everything ( color, element, furniture, etc ). For example, if you will build home office at your bedroom, you don’t need to decorate window with heavy ornament curtain and beautify wall with sticker an mural. What you need is room to support your productivity. While if you want to create cheerful room for your family, best recommendation is applying warm colors.

Concept Design InteriorsThe art of beauty

Beauty or aesthetic is heart of interior design concepts implementation, but of course very difficult to define clearly what is beauty? I don’t want you confuse and think too deep. Let me simplify this term. Beauty is condition where every element work together to make harmony and balance. For example, if we like minimalist decoration with simple line, so keep everything in simple way. Select simple shape furniture, remove unnecessary items, keep clean and clear, no need rich ornament curtain and so on. Great harmony and balance will create pleasant effect.

Colorful Concepts Interior DesignBalance principle

Balance means no side look more weight than other sides. All elements are distributed to every room. Balance can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Balance can be reached by distributing color, furniture arrangement and all items in proportion way. For example, if there are too much items in one side, but less in another side, we call it unbalance. It can be solved by rearranged those items or change color selections for wall sides. It doesn’t mean we put furniture in the same amount to every side.

Create focal point

Every room decoration should focus on one thing that you think special. Without creating focal point on decoration, a room look plain and bored. To create focal point is simple. Select your special item and then make it look different with all other element at your room. For example, you have great painting on the wall. So color of wall may not stronger than painting.

Proportion factor

To create harmony and balance, all your items must be in the right scale. Adapt furniture with room size. You don’t need big wardrobe in small bedroom. Big furniture will spend space, reduce free space for activity and make people feel stuffy and not happy.

Secret of color

Colors don’t mean only to colorize a room, but colors will affect on mood. Every great designer know that. There is strong relationship between human mood with color. For example, if you want to feel attractive, active and happy, try to decorate room with warm colors. But your mood drastically will be sad if you paint your wall with dark colors. Don’t make wrong when selecting colors both for aesthetic purpose and manipulating mood purpose. Use color wheel to get good colors combination.

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