Tips to Plan Victorian Home Design

Victorian home designs are one of famous architecture style in the word. Name Victorian is taken from Queen Victoria from Great Britain (1837-1901). Home with this architecture style reflect glory from that past. For modern family, having home like this make their home look stand out from the crowd. This home characteristics combine some amazing aspects: classic, decorative element, majestic, kingdom atmosphere and touch of art. From every aspect, this home is planned very detail. If you want to own nostalgic home, then you can consider this home type.

Victorian Home DesignsHome floor plan

When we look at floor plan at Victorian home designs, we will find two different situation separated there: formal and informal. Formal living room to receive guests and informal family room for gathering family. Between these area, there is clear separation. Also dining room is designed in formal way, different with modern home design, where dining room and kitchen is incorporated to save place. No need to save space on Victorian home, because usually this home has large dimension. What make special of this home type, there is  area ( usually at the front side ) which is designed in circle or hexagon shape. And then built a room or chamber with higher ceiling than other sides. It looks like tower.

But if your land is not large, no need to worry. You still could build Victorian home by taking primary characteristics of this home style and downsizing each room dimension.

Victorian Interior DesignsVictorian home furniture

All genuine Victorian home designs are completed with luxurious furniture, full of carving art. This style is inspired from Renaissance, Eastlake and Rococo glory from the past. Genuine furniture is very expensive, but you can buy similar furniture from antique store in cheaper price.

Victorian furniture give very attention on detail. If you look for minimalist style on this furniture, you will be disappoint. Nothing there simple. All furniture are produced like an artwork.

Victorian Room DesignsUnique ceiling

When we look at Victorian home ceiling, we will be wonder. Ceiling there is shiny like mirror reflect light. Ceiling is coated with tin. It has two functions: decorative element and protect from fire accident. On this modern era, builder can install plywood on ceiling and cover plywood with thin. Tighten with nail. It’s only for accessories, not to protect home from fire.

Color scheme

For exterior, popular colors used are blue, yellow, green and white, while for interior, deep colors like plum red and wood brown are applied, combined with wallpaper with floral and bird themes.

Victorian fireplace

At Victorian home designs, fireplace is not only appliance to make warm room air, but more that that, it’s also beautiful element on a room. Front side of fireplace is installed carved wood from high quality wood. But there is enough distance between this wood and fire hole, so fire will not burn it. Floor where this fireplace is built can be colorful tiles and hardwood floor.

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