Tips to Find Paint Color Schemes for Home

Finding the right paint color schemes for home is the first step to create dream home where you and your family feel happy stay on there. But without setting up first certain criteria, explore some possible colors will be overwhelming task. Why? You face almost unlimited combination and options. Too much options will make you feel confuse. To solve this problem, take paper and pencil. Write first what your planning and goal. And what you will expect from colors selection.

Paint Color Schemes For HomeSome ideas below will help you avoid your confusing. Perhaps will help you to find your best paint color schemes for home.

Use free tool

It’s easy. Visit several sites from famous companies who has good reputation in colors industry, such as Benyamin Moore, Sherwin William and Glidden Paint. Find favorite colors with its combination by family, collection and trend. If not enough, upload your existing home and room photos, then use color viewer tool to explore some color combinations. It’s free and easy. Just drag and drop. Do it until you satisfy and get what you want.

Paint Colors For HomesUse color theory

Using some tools above mentioned are very useful, but to get perfect paint color schemes for home, better if you compare with color theory. This way to ensure that what you do and what colors you will take are based on the right concept. Great way to avoid you decide colors using your feeling. I don’t say taking decision based on feeling preference are bad, but it will be better if you can justify what you decide.

Paint Color Ideas HomeFrom color theory, you can expand colors combination using several concepts: monocromatic, analogous, triadic, tetradic, complimentary, split complimentary. I will give you example. For example, you use blue as main color, so you will get other colors to complete blue:

  • Monocromatic: dark blue, light blue, grey
  • Analogous: dark blue, light blue, grey, black
  • Triadic: blue, pink, green
  • Tetradic: blue, pink, green, orange
  • Complimentary: blue, orange
  • Split complimentary: dark blue, light blue, red, yellow, grey, black

Now, you get some possible combinations. You can explore your own favorite, for example: dark and light blue have many shades. Find which you like. Best tip, don’t apply too much colors when painting wall. Limit maximum amount is not more than three colors. Too much colors will make bad decoration, crowded and look amateur.

Determine your goal

Still remember that colors can affect on mood? It’s true. Use this reality to manipulate what kind of atmosphere you will build at your home. Combine this concept with color theory and color viewer tools above are ultimate way to get perfect color for your home. For example, if you want you days are full of spirit and stimulation, so yellow and orange are your colors, while if you desire relax feeling, blue and green will work better.

Determine function

Last consideration to choose paint color schemes for home is function. As we know, different room has different function. You need productivity at home office, but need cheerful at family room. Recognize this different situation. Neutral colors are better for your home office and orange as warm color are great to make your family fell happy at family room.

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