The Advantages of Salvaged Wood Flooring

Are you looking for materials for your floor? Try salvaged wood flooring. It has advantages that you can’t get from new woods. It can improve green environment and help to preserve nature. There are several types of this wood: Antique Chestnut, Antique Heart Pine, Antique Oak, Antique Maple, Douglas Fir and Tropical Hardwoods. The prices are vary, starting from $4-$30 per sq foot. So, what exactly advantages of this flooring type:

Salvaged Wood FlooringGreen environment

Salvaged wood flooring make a home close to nature. This flooring is natural product. Utilizing this wood also means you save forest and planet, because you reuse woods from old building structure. It means make longer long life usage of this wood. Using of this salvage wood reduce forest logging.

Salvaging Hardwood FlooringFeel shady

Home with salvaged wood flooring felt shady. This natural color make us feel like in natural environment. Beside for flooring, it has ability for healing purpose. You will feel its difference between modern ceramic with this flooring type after installation. It provide peaceful feeling.

Reclaimed Wood FlooringUnique and own history

This flooring type is unique, because it comes from various building. Some of them maybe more than 200 years old and still in good condition. Can you imagine that your floor material come from old palace from the past? Feel the sensation. You will not get this amazing experience from modern ceramic and new wood. Your floor is connection bridge between your life now and living from the past.


Even certain salvaged wood flooring has 500 years old age. It means this wood has really incredible strength and durability. It’s very amazing long life. So don’t worry you don;t need to replace someday if yo think it will be broken, Even it will stand more than your life.

Modern look

If we like modern style, now available salvaged wood flooring with lamination in top surface. This lamination provide smoother surface, glossy and elegance. It has better appearance and combine positive benefits from salvaged wood and modern touch.

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