Smart Small House Plans Ideas

Getting the right small house plans ideas are challenge task, because we face limited space, but we are challenged to transform it to get impression like a large house. We will find the answer. In my opinion, two key factors to solve this problem are creating spacious and higher impression for house and every room. Apply some smart ways will be able to reach this purpose.

Small House Plans IdeasOpen space floor plan

Almost discussion about small house plans ideas can not ignore open space floor plan. Creating open space for small house is good decision. Here, there are not wall border between living room, kitchen and dining room, so a room look spacious and larger than real size. To get maximum benefit of open space concept, pain all wall sides in the same color. If for certain reasons, you need to add border between each room, use low and transparent partition as wall border substitution. Besides to enhance privacy, this partition can be interesting room interior element.

Small House Storage IdeasUtilize natural light

Use natural light from outside to brighten all rooms. To do that, since at first time when preparing small house plans ideas, plan to install glass door, build large glass window with white window sills and inside room, install several big mirror in appropriate position to reflect natural light.

Small House Organization IdeasCreate free space

Arrange all furniture in certain way to free some space for moving and walking. To save space, remove big furniture and replace with smaller furniture. Select size and height of furniture when buying. Only important and necessary furniture may be there. It will keep room always look tidy and well organized. Use multifunction furniture to reduce amount of furniture inside house.

Create storage places

Use all available space inside house as storage places. For small house, clutter is serious issue. What make a small house become unorganized fast is clutter factor. To solve it, create storage places as many as we can. Building cabinets and drawers along wall and utilize crannies under stair for storing items. Also install shelving on the wall.

Double duty room

Building double duty room is brilliant idea for small house. This idea can save a lot of space. For example, home office is incorporated with sewing room. So, while you do your task at your home office, your wife can finish sewing curtain or tablecloth. Similar idea, build family library, entertainment room and sport room together in one space at basement.

Create higher illusion for ceiling

Pay attention on ceiling. For small space, after successful creating spacious impression, then create higher illusion for ceiling. There are easy and hard way. Easy way is creating vertical striped line with faux painting at wall. And hard way is creating vault ceiling. These ways will make ceiling look higher.

That’s all few tips. Is there anything else? If you have other small house plans ideas, you can combine it to complete with what all I’ve described above.

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