Find the Best Small Homes on Wheels

Without a doubt if we look for small homes on wheels, Jay Shafer company is the first choice. He is founder and leader in this industry. And he ever lived at their home on wheels or tiny house for years. So, he guarantees that his products are tested by him. If it is safe for him, so also safe for everybody. His company is Tumblewedhouses, you can visit his official site. He has very complete products compared with all competitors. Specially for portable house, he offers XS House, Epu, Webee, Lusby, tarleton, Walden, Fencl, Cypress 20, Popomo and Vardo. These types has dimension from 73-172 sq feet. XS House is smallest and Popomo is biggest.

Small Homes On WheelsThese small homes on wheels are perfect as second home ( for people who has owned first home ) for vacation and for people who want to own a home, but with very small investment. To own this house, people must not own land first. Something that is impossible on standard home. These homes have portability advantage. You can bring anywhere using truck.

Tiny Houses On WheelsJay Shafer offers two option to own these small homes on wheels: buy ready use portable house or buy tiny house plan. First option is more expensive, but you don’t necessary to build and assembly. While second option is fit for people who has carpenter skill. Just follow all instruction from its plan, we can do it our self. It gives new experience to build very small home and of course, save money.

Small Portable HomeRegularly, Jay Shafer makes workshop. You can view his schedule from his official site. Great event to joint tiny house company. We can share knowledge and experience with people who has passion on tiny house. There are many benefits living on tiny house: living in simplicity and increase our social living with people where we stay when we are traveling with tiny house.
Living on small homes on wheels give us new perspective on how we think about home concept. There are advantages and disadvantages live on this home type, but fact show that a lot of people love it. So, why don’t you try it?

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