Beautiful One Bedroom Home Plans

Is it possible to own beautiful and comfortable small home with only one bedroom inside it? The answer is absolutely yes. But how to do it. Where do we start to realize one bedroom home plans dream? First important step is understanding basic concept to create the right floor plan. Second step is exploring ideas to get the best option. Actually these things can be applied at general  home plans, not limited on one bedroom home plans, but for small home, it is a must if we want to get fascinating small home. Let’s do it.

One Bedroom Home PlansGetting the right floor plan design

Design the the right floor plan is very essential. Comfortable or not later will be determined with your floor plan. If we make mistake at this step, we will spend hard effort, time and budget to renovate later after building is done. So, don’t make mistake. Understand first this basic concept.

One Bedroom House PlansArea zoning

What does it mean area zoning? Area zoning means we separate some rooms based on its function. Here we must distinguish and separate between private area and public area. Private areas are bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Public area is living room. It should be there is border between these two difference area for improving privacy for homeowner and comfort for guests.

One Bedroom One Bath House PlansRoom proportion

Every room must be in the right scale. For example, bedroom is bigger than bathroom. Bathroom may not bigger than bedroom, kitchen and living room. It will be seen strange. About bedroom, kitchen and living room dimension regulation is relative depending on how many stuffs will be put them and it must be fit with requirement.

One Bedroom HomesRoom communication

The right layout should be able to accommodate all of activities within a home efficiently. For example, person from bedroom can easily reach bathroom and kitchen without difficulty. It’s so why people like building bathroom inside bedroom.

Home traffic flow

Similar with room communication concept, but it’s related to outside home. At least minimum there are two doors at a home. One in front and one in back. So, if at living room there are guests visit our home, if we want to go outside, we can walk through back door without disturb guests.

These principles must be applied when making floor plan design, including for one bedroom home plans.

Next step is exploring ideas to get the right detail planning. When we make plan at the paper, sometimes we haven’t really understand all detail parts. We can use free online tools to help us, but it will be perfect if we can see the real condition. Let’s explore ideas.

  • List whether you have friends and family that own beautiful one bedroom home plans. Make schedule to visit them. It will be useful source.
  • Bring camera, video, paper and pencil. Ask permit to take picture. Shoot every view you like and you will imitate. Tell them that you really love their home. Absolutely the will happy hearing that.
  • Now you have gotten useful information to complete your plan. Print all of pictures if necessary. You can adopt it and add into your raw plan. Remember, you still need to modify it. However it must be there are some differences between your plan and their home. Little modification will not difficult.

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