Advantages of Having Tiny House

Living in tiny house give new experience. The tiny house movement was very popular years ago and the influence still felt until today. Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Tiny House company is the man behind rising of this tiny house. Tiny means very small. Question here, does it good for every body? The answer is relative depending on purpose of having tiny house. For people who want second small house for vacation, tiny house is good choice. But for people who want small house as daily residence house, the transition is very hard.

This article will only make review some advantages of tiny house. Today impact of the tiny house movement since years ago.

The Tiny House MovementSmaller means more money saving

Maybe if we calculate cost to build general house,  cost per square feet, calculation for small house ( including tiny house ) will fall higher than bigger house size. It’s true because divider number is smaller, so the result will be bigger. But overall cost will always less budget, because smaller means less materials, less furniture and less facility.

Tiny House PlansSay goodbye to debt

Most standard house buying always use mortgages facility, but for tiny house, you don’t need use that. The price is much cheaper. You can pay cash without debt. As we know, for normal people, having debt is confusing, thinking to prepare money every month to pay. More than that, if you have carpenter skill, you still can save extra money. Just buy tiny house plan, follow all instruction there to build by yourself.

Small House MovementSay goodbye to clutter

You don’t need worry again with clutter, the most problem at small house. Living at tiny house will force you to restrict what can and can not you bring into tiny house. Limited space will force you to living in simplicity in all aspect, including at decoration.

Feel new sensation

Of course you never imagine to bring your big home somewhere when you will entertaint yourself for holiday. It’s impossible. But possible for tiny house. Some tiny houses are completed with wheel, make it portable house. Use truck if you will bring to vacation place. You don’t need to pay hotel and motel to sleep. Your tiny house is your ‘hotel’. Never worry anymore that house will be crumble if there is disaster.

Less maintenance

Having tiny house means save time for maintaining. Clean up tiny house will spend much less than standard house. It gives you more free time to do anything you like. If there’s something you need to renovate, also it will spend money and time less than standard house.

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Visiting trip with tiny house make you meet new people in different region and area. You will contact and make relationship. Learning something new, get new friends, and maybe you will be temporary celebrity. People will ask about your tiny house, how to build, how much does it cost, how does it feel live in tiny house, and so many questions from them. Suddenly you will feel like a tiny house expert opening workshop for new people.

Open to decoration

Who say that you can not decorate your tiny house. Just like standard house, you can do that if you would. Do you want laminate hardwood floor for your tiny house? Well, you just need to spend money for flooring like for one bedroom. Do you want beautiful view? Just instal simple pretty curtain at window.

Conclusion: the tiny house movement open our mind about new consciousness and how we think about a house.

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