Create Decorative File Cabinets for Your Home Office

Are you bored looking at your filing cabinet? Well, decorative file cabinets will be your solution. If your filing cabinet play important role at your home office to store your daily stuffs and every hour you open and close drawer, you need something new. Decorative file cabinets will change your home office appearance become more inviting, attractive and most important thing, it could increase your productivity. And good news, you can get it in low cost, simple way and you can do it yourself. What you need is paint, mod podge, wallpaper and knife.

Decorative File CabinetsLet’s start transform your old filing cabinets become interesting decorative file cabinets.

Look at your filing cabinets. Make sketch at paper. Use your imagination and creativity. What decorative style you will apply and which parts you will change. You don’t need change entire surface. A small part is enough to bring new look.

Decorative File Cabinets For The HomeFirst step remove all handles from your filing cabinets. Clean all surface from dust, stain and dirt using soft cloth. If your filing cabinets paint condition still look good, you can jump to next step, otherwise use sandpaper to smooth it and replace dirt.

Decorative Storage CabinetsTo create decorative file cabinets you can choose between decorative paint and wallpaper. It’s up to you. If you like decorative paint, use craft paint. What kind of result later depending on your skill. For limitless option, attach wallpaper is better option. You don’t need to worry to find any designs you like.

Now I will assume you will use wallpaper. After you decide where parts you will cover with wallpaper, paint all parts that you will not cover with wallpaper. Use paint brush or roller. Better if you do this process in open and hot space for best result painting. Wait until paint dry.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Before attaching wallpaper into filing cabinet, apply first mod podge into filing cabinet surface where you will cover with wallpaper. Mod podge is such as sealant or coat, easy to find at paint store. Usually there will be bubbles after giving mod podge. Quickly smooth surface with flat ruler,

Cut wallpaper following area you will cover with knife. Attach into filing cabinet. Check at every edge. Cut exceeding wallpaper with knife and apply decoupage medium to secure wallpaper.

Install again all handles at its places.

Now your decorative file cabinets are ready for use. Give small pieces like artwork or kids photo above filing cabinet as accessories.

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