What is the Jomo style

Although Feng Shui is one of the most famous decoration styles, it is not the only trend that exists and here is another one, the Jomo style.

Our home is usually the place where we feel most comfortable and where we usually take refuge after a long day at work, a trip enjoyed or an intense day away from home for leisure or errands. Anyway, it is at home where we can feel comfortable, rest and do what we like, even if it is procrastinating and enjoying doing nothing.

However, in order to be able to feel really at home, it is essential that the disposition of it be correct. That is, if the house is full of objects or very messy, it will be difficult for their tenants to feel comfortable, while having problems when it is always clean and tidy or to find things when they need them most.

In addition to order and cleanliness, basic in any house for the well-being and health of all those who inhabit it, it is also essential to take into account the arrangement of furniture. There are philosophies of life that base their ideals on home decoration. Surely you have heard on more than one occasion of Feng Shui, perhaps the most popular, which is based on guiding the furniture of the house in certain directions, so that it can be more positive, not only in terms of hygiene and order, but also as for the good energies that your home can transmit like this.

At present, there are many philosophies of life and decoration similar to Feng Shui that exists. Therefore, whether you are moving to a new house or if you want to make a change to the current one, you can rely on these theories in order to determine what will be the best arrangement of your furniture, especially after having done cleaning and having ordered well those objects that you really need and what you think are essential and should be preserved.

Throw away everything you don’t need

Jomo style

All the styles of decoration that exist today are usually quite similar. As with clothing and accessories, there are fashions that people follow, so it is normal that we see many homes with similar provisions. For example, furniture Scandinavian design, simple decor, and minimalist and light colors, leaving between lots of light in the house, are the most demanded.

However, all these decorating trends have small differences between them. The last to appear has been the Jomo style. This is based on the return to the world prior to all the leading technologies that surround us and what Jomo wants is to be oneself at home again, that is, spend time reading with individual seats arranged in places separated from the rest of the tenants, gathering areas with two sofas, for example, one in front of the other with a low table in the middle to be able to have a tea or a coffee and always with the television in another room or nonexistent in the whole house.

Jomo stands for ‘Joy of missing out’, that is, ‘enjoy staying out’, so people who decorate the home with this philosophy prefer not to know what is constantly happening on social networks or in the new technologies. Therefore, this type of decoration defends the classic forms, with wooden and simple furniture, without too many ornaments and that also reminds us of the Nordic arrangement, letting in a lot of natural light and with many spacious areas, to feel more comfortable and with more housing space.

The most requested colors in the Jomo style are brown, cream and white. What is sought is to achieve greater serenity in the home, which will be the place where we can disconnect from the world and the technology that absorbs and surrounds us, achieving the peace and tranquility of reading or social relationships. To do this, we must try to leave rooms without supports for computers, televisions or other electronic elements that connect us with the world and that goes against this philosophy of life and decoration.

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As perhaps it will not be so easy to disconnect in such a way in the society in which we live, since many of us need the technology to survive, the best thing will be that, according to Jomo style, we will allocate a stay for her and that preferably it is not where we spend Most of our time at home. In this way we can remain partially connected, do our work that is necessary for our livelihood, but also enjoy the home as a shelter without connection at times during which we need to rest and enjoy our free time as we like, either reading alone in a serene corner and well lit or enjoying a hot tea with friends, family or couple while having an interesting or fun conversation.

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