Secret of Small Space Interior Design

If you live at small home, you need to learn concept of small space interior design. Recognize what factors make your space look larger and what make narrow. Do the first and avoid the second. What you need is smart tricks. The key factor is how to expand your room view. It is not difficult as many people think. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home and room felt more comfortable, spacious and tidy. Let’s do it!live streaming film The Boss Baby online

Small Space Interior DesignSelecting the right color

Talking about decoration means we can not ignore color factor, including on trick to small space interior design. Think all elements within every room and pay attention on large element like wall, floor and ceiling, because these elements will contribute biggest impression on how your room will look like. Only use light color and avoid dark color. Some good colors for wall are Spanish white, geyser grey, winter yellow, cream and beige. Try to paint ceiling brighter than wall. These colors are proven to create larger look for small space.

For minor element like rugs, shelving and sculpture artwork, you may choose darker color to make it different, but I recommend to choose dark and shiny, so this shiny will be balancing for this dark color.

Small Space Living RoomDeclutter

Clutter is the worst enemy for all small rooms. Avoid this bad thing on your small space interior design. Use principle ‘the right item on the right place’. Be discipline with yourself. Put certain items on its places. Prepare some storage places to store them. Use all available space ( if possible ) and transform it become storage places. Under bed, under floor and under stair are possible places you can use.

Small Space FurnitureLighting

Maximize your small space interior design with lighting. Lighting at a home can come from lamps and natural light. Use the power of natural light to make your room seems larger. It’s totally cost free to use natural light. Ideas you can do: large glass window, glass door, simple window decoration and install mirror. Mirror is cheap element but very useful at small home. Try to put several large mirrors t appropriate position to reflect natural light, then you will see the magic! You room suddenly look more spacious. You don’t need to buy expensive mirror like Venetian oval mirror. No, just save your money. Standard mirrors with cool frames are enough.

The same floor tiles type

Avoid clutter floor look at your small space interior design. No matter you create open space or not at your home, but open space is better to make free view, all your tiles must be same. Whether you install tiles or wooden flooring, color and pattern must be exactly same. If you install different tiles for different room, besides it looks bad, it also create narrower impression. If you like wooden flooring, prioritize to choose laminate and light brown hardwood floor. Under lamp light, it shines and make brighter your room.

Create higher look ceiling

You have three options to maximize your small space interior design through ceiling: build vault ceiling, install wall paper or decorate wall with vertical striped line faux painting and install recessed lighting. The first option is most expensive, need big change at ceiling construction. So, second and third options are reliable options.

Furniture selection

Don’t ignore furniture selection on your small space interior design. Think about horizontal and vertical direction at your room before buying furniture. Horizontal direction means you may not put big furniture and vertical directions means you may not put tall furniture. Big and tall furniture within your room are enemy and contribute clutter adding. When selecting furniture, consider to use multifunction furniture. It means one furniture can run more than one duty. Great to save space. For example, coffee table with drawer and window seat cushions with cabinets.

Add elements from glass

Besides installing mirror, adding elements from glass is good effort. For exmple, for living room, you choose glass table. Also put aquarium there. Another idea: display your artworks from glass or crystal. These items will help to brighten your room.

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