How to decorate with vinyl

Vinyl is a very fashionable decoration element today because it is easy to place and can be stamped on multiple types of materials.

There are those who confuse ‘house’ with ‘home’, however, their connotations are quite different. While a house is a simple habitable building, a home is a place to feel safe and calm. To achieve this, the decoration is one of the factors that influence it, and having each room to your liking is essential to make your home a home.

Over time new decoration methods are emerging, and one of the most striking is vinyl. It is an adhesive with decorative motifs that will bring freshness and originality to the walls, a perfect substitute for the already obsolete wallpapers.

The only requirement is to have a smooth surface, be it the walls, furniture, doors, glass or tiles, because if not, they cannot effectively adhere to the surface. The most commonly used types of vinyl are those for the walls, as they contribute to enhance the space with its various illustrations and make each room a unique place.

Define your style

To achieve the desired style it is important to take into account the exact place where you are going to place the vinyl because the designs vary whether it is a room, kitchen, living room or a bedroom. The chosen model will say a lot about the stay in which it is placed, so do not get carried away by the first one you see and decide for one that really represents you.

You should also take into account other details such as furniture and the color of the wall, since only then will you be able to create a sense of harmony. In addition, with this, you will achieve the desired style: classic, modern, rustic, minimalist …

Vinyl types

Both to decorate the interior and exterior walls, you can turn vinyl into the fetish element. Mainly, the classification of vinyl is as follows:

– Normal surface: the most common and economical.

– Washable surface: they are increasingly frequent, especially for children’s rooms, given their comfort to keep them in perfect condition. To wash them you only need a damp cloth.

– Frosted vinyl: similar to wallpaper, they differ from them because of their ease of letting light in, thus protecting the space. Their great resistance makes them perfect for outdoor decoration.

– Vinyl cutting: an ideal adhesive film for your home, whether you want to place it inside or outside, with an incredible grip on the surfaces and great weather resistance. They are based on an automated cut that follows the figure created based on strokes by programs intended for vector editing as Illustrator.

They provide greater durability due to the effectiveness of their adhesive, although they have one condition: the drawings can only be one color, which can be inconvenient for many. However, it is always possible to print several types of vinyl separately and join them to get a single piece.Decorating children's rooms with vinyl

Printed vinyl: these models are intended for indoor use. Its application is very simple since it has a self-adhesive film with a white base. To achieve a full-color result, ink is applied to the surface. The possibilities are endless, you will surely find your printed vinyl that you were looking for so much.

A vinyl for every corner of your home

Although any area may be subject to decoration with vinyl. There are rooms whose walls are more likely to fit with this type of ornamentation.

– Children’s bedroom: do not put limits on your imagination and paper your children’s room with original and striking vinyl. This will help them further develop their creativity thanks to the color and personality that these stickers will bring to the room.

– Decorative accessories: a simple detail can make a space unique, and less decoration is more. Choose a vinyl with the theme best suited to the place where it will be located. For example, the marine theme can be perfect for swimming.

– Hall and dining room: there is nothing better than entering a house and receiving a dose of optimism. Therefore, vinyl with some motivational phrase is especially flattering in these rooms. They also look great in the rooms, and the first thing you see when you wake up is a phrase that helps you fight every day.

How to place a vinyl step by step

Modernizing your home based on vinyl is an easy task and will not cost you much money, whose application you can make yourself in just a few minutes. Just do not hurry to paste them and pay close attention and care to their drawings, as they could be damaged or broken.

The steps to follow are the following:

– If you have already decided which wall will be the lucky ones, the first thing you should do is make sure it is clean and smooth, always away from any source of heat.

– Fundamental is the cleaning so that the vinyl adheres precisely to the surface and does not suffer any deterioration. Remove all traces of dust and dry the wall if it is wet.

– Measure the vinyl and the wall to make sure they marry perfectly. Measurements must be taken precisely so that the adhesive is not crooked or frayed.

– There is a detail to which you should pay special attention: the vinyl consists of two parts or sheets. One with silicone or adhesive in which the drawing is appreciated and another transparent one that is used as a conveyor. It is in the latter where you must place bodybuilder tape, as it will help you get an idea of the result and remove the adhesive easily.

– To install the vinyl on the wall, place the transparent sheet to the outside and the one containing the silicone on the back. Before gluing it, make sure the fixation is going to be good. To do this you can help yourself with the bodybuilder tape, preventing the vinyl from peeling off later.

– It is time to remove the silicone sheet. Whose action should be carried out very cautiously, without abruptness so as not to break it?

– For an impeccable result, press the wall to ensure proper fixing of the vinyl. You can use a cloth, which you must move from the center outwards to eliminate possible wrinkles or bubbles.

– Remove the conveyor little by little, without hurry, and observe that the adhesive does not contain wrinkles. If you detect any when removed, prick them with a needle or pin. Then, wipe the cloth over the surface again.

– And if what you want to do is an assembly with several types of vinyl, the larger one should be the first to place. Gluing the rest with special attention and care to achieve an unsurpassed design.

In short, vinyl will bring light and joy to your home, reflecting your style and personality. In addition, they are an economical method of decoration and that will only take a few minutes. So do not think more, and whether you have to decorate your home from scratch or if you want to change the decoration, make vinyl your best ally.

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