How to decorate in an original way with photos

At present, there are many people who choose photos of the experiences lived to set their home.

It is clear that the decoration has a thousand ways of expressing itself and in turn, it is an opportunity for each person to bring out their personality and tastes by choosing those elements or objects that will give the personal touch to the home. It is for this reason that some directly prefer to go to experiences, experiences or memories to decorate their homes and cover them with those feelings of the past. The photographs then become the perfect allies.

Images of holidays, special days, parties, birthdays, family and many more moments are those that many people reveal to get on paper and make them the object of decorating their homes.

In turn, there are several ways to decorate the house with photographs and it will be the choice of each person to choose one or the other to reach the decoration of their dreams. Among them, there are five options to show off the images mentioned above.photographs

Hanger with racks: This is one of the most used options. You only need, for example, three embroidery frames of different sizes whose diameter will vary depending on the space in which you want to place the images.

In addition, small wooden tweezers will be necessary. Which can be purchased in different colors depending on the taste of each person and finally, a roll of wire and scissors to get to work. Once the materials are obtained, the structure should only be composed with the three rings, joining one with the other by means of a wire.

After this, it will be enough to glue in each of the rings the clamps mentioned above, in which later those photographs that can be changed will be hooked whenever desired. In addition, if you want to be more cautious, you can protect the frames and the clamps by varnishing or painting them before mounting them.

Doors with a double life: Like closets, doors can be the perfect place to give more life to a room and customize it. It will only be enough with photographs or even a little paint to make the decoration unique and transform the home.

Specifically, this is something that many fathers and mothers carry out in their children’s rooms, giving them the possibility of expressing all their art and decorating their room with their own hands. In addition, it is important to emphasize that to carry out this craft, furniture that is rectangular in shape is recommended since its decoration will be easier.

Another option is that in those doors or furniture that is smooth, can be divided into several parts and separated with moldings, forming an interior frame and painting its structure or edges of the desired color. Afterward, these frames can be filled with photographs.

Geometric decoration: For the riskiest, this may be the ideal option. The materials needed to carry it out are a burlap rope or elastic jewelry whose color can be chosen freely and small nails. In addition to that, color clips will be needed. Finally, it will be enough with a little imagination to compose the desired geometric shapes.

In addition, before carrying out this craft it is relevant that a previous drawing or sketch be made of the figure that you want to make sense otherwise, it will be difficult for the photographs to fit perfectly afterward. Even this sketch can be used as a template, put it on the wall and then nail the photographs. The result and its originality will then be in the hands of the person.

Photo mobile: This is to simulate a photo mobile. Only a tree branch or a wooden slat will be necessary. After choosing the photographs you want to use, you can choose an original paper to complete this form of decoration. One idea is to cut out different geometric shapes and sizes, such as triangles, papers.

As in previous cases, to protect this craft, even more, it will be enough to paste the cuts of the geometric shapes that have been carried out on cardboard in order to give them greater resistance. Then and lastly, these figures should be joined with the photographs, and combined in different positions or shapes depending on taste. Even garlands can be created using a thread and after this, join the creations to the wooden branch or ribbon mentioned at the beginning and that will hang on the wall.

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Mineral photo holders: To carry out this craft, minerals, wire and as is evident, photos will be needed. After obtaining these materials, this wire must be attached to the chosen mineral. This can be done thanks to the help of tongs. Finally, it should be placed in an upright position and create loops at the top end in order to leave the chosen image fixed. This option is one of the simplest, it can be placed in any corner and, in turn, be a great decorative element.

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