Creative Flowers Decoration Ideas for Your Room

Why not decorate a room with flower? Flower is versatile element to decorate. It looks good whenever we put it ( living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen ). It brings freshness and make us feel close to garden environment. Just choose either real or fake flower. If you don’t want to maintain every time, so fake flower is your choice. But if you want to get ultimate benefit of decorating with flower, choose fresh flower from garden. I’ve listed several flowers decoration ideas if you want to try.

Flowers Decoration IdeasFind creative place

Generally, my flowers decoration ideas involve flower type ( fake or fresh ), flower place, place filler and tablecloth.

Unique places for flower will add beauty of a room. If we choose fake flower, task is easier because we will not meet problem related to water and moisture factor. Place options are limitless. Anything can be used as flower places. For example: mug, glass, jar, bamboo, small wood box, box from paper, bottle, wicker basket, etc. Be creative, paint and decorate mug, bamboo and box. Show your personality into this decorative flower place.

Flower Decorating IdeasInteresting vasefilm Breathe online streaming

Find beautiful and funny vase. Usually vase is made from glass, ceramic, copper and plastic. Vase from ceramic in blue, yellow, green and orange are attractive. Vase from plastic and decorated with hello kitty and cartoon pictures are fit for girls bedroom. While for serious appearance, you can choose vase from ceramic that is ornamented with mosaic pattern or vase from copper. For bathroom, vase from glass is good.

Beautiful vase filler

Don’t let your vase is empty without filler. Find pretty filler an pour inside vase. Filler for vase is only fit for vase from clear glass, so this filler is seen from outside. Some interesting filler: colorful crystal, fake pearls, beads and beach sand. If you put this flower under lamp light, using colorful crystal as filler will create dramatic view. It will be shiny with wonderful colors.

Artificial Flower DecorationTablecloth

Because you put this flower above table, so you need good tablecloth. This tablecloth can be made from fabric, bamboo and plastic. Whichever you use, it may not have colors and pattern stronger than flower and its place/vase, because it can reduce attraction of this flower. Keep this tablecloth look neutral as background to make this flower become focal point.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 live streaming film

Tips: use four things above to explore other flowers decoration ideas for your room.

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