Wrought Iron Gates: Securing Your Home in Style

A stylish wrought iron fence and some wrought iron gates combine practicality and aesthetic appeal and can help ensure your home’s security.  These are the things that these structures offer to homeowners. Just because they are meant to protect your property doesn’t mean they have to look plain and unattractive.

Wrought iron gates and fences are capable of evoking a wide range of emotions. They can amaze and intimidate at the same time or create an air of mystery and add elegance to any type of house.  This is probably because wrought iron is steeped in rich history.

A Short Background

Through the centuries, wrought iron has been used in building structures, landmarks, and even railways. Its manufacture was spurred by the introduction of blast furnaces in Europe in the 15th century. Wrought iron continued to enjoy its popularity until the late 19th century just before the development of the process for manufacturing cast iron.

The most widely used wrought iron designs during those times include fleur-de-lis, leaves, and spears/arrowheads. Today, wrought iron lends its timeless appeal in enhancing the look of even the simplest of homes. The most common designs you can see these days are curves, scrolls, spikes, and the initials of the homeowner.

 A Touch of Elegance

Installing a wrought iron gate and fence to your property is a great way to give it a personalised touch of elegance. All you have to do is come up with a design and work with a manufacturer that offers custom decorative design services. Naturally, one of the first things to consider before installing your wrought iron fence and gate is the style of your home. It is important that the design complements the existing architecture to make it work aesthetically.

If your home is basically symmetrical and square-shaped, for example, you may want to opt for simple wrought iron designs. Square pickets, as well as finials, are great choices for the fence. If you live in an American Foursquare type of house, classic wrought iron design with contemporary details would be an excellent match. You may use square or ball finials for added appeal. On the other hand, a Victorian-era house would look great with an old style English estate gate and fences. As custom works are also available, you have the option to create your own wrought iron gate and fence design. You are free to make it as simple or as elaborate as you want.

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Apart from its eye-catching quality, wrought iron is incredibly durable. It is virtually unbreakable, which makes it perfect for home security. Of course, you may add some embellishments for a more elegant curb appeal. Wrought iron gates and fences offer flexibility in terms of design – it is your choice to either use any of the traditional designs or have them customised completely.

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