Wood Fence Designs To Suit Your House

Fencing your garden need not be expensive, you can opt for cheaper materials that will make your garden presentable without spending huge sums of money. One of the affordable types of fences you can consider is something from the range of wooden fence designs. However, the type of fence you install will depend on the style of house you have. It actually pays to incorporate the type of fence you would like to install while conceptualizing the design, in order to blend it with the overall design of your house.

wooden fence designs like this picket fence can look fantastic with flowers

This picket fence looks lovely with all the flowers surrounding it. Plants are a great way to soften and break up the long straight lines of a fence.

Wooden fence styles

In terms of the types of houses for which a wood fence is suitable wooden fences will suit most types of houses although this will also depend on the design of the wooden fence. You may have a wooden house, a traditional design, country style, or even a contemporary house.  There is a fence style to suit all of these houses using wood. It is also important to bear in mind that it will also depend on your budget. Consequently, there are different styles of wooden fences from which you can make your choice. Some of the styles that are most popular include:

  • Picket fence
  • Wood panel fence
  • Combination of wood and other materials

You can easily design your fence just by using your imagination; you can create a really unique fence design that really suits your house.  And don’t limit yourself to just using wood.  Some fences look really nice if you incorporate wood with other materials such as aluminum, concrete or rendered brick.

There are so many wooden fence styles such as this one made from recycled wood

You can design a really attractive wood fence from recycled materials. This can be a cheap option as you can often get materials for free or at a very reasonable price and with the right design they look great.


Wooden fence designs – Pros and Cons

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to consider when developing wooden fence designs.  As an advantage, wooden fences are installed very easily. If you want to have a go at building your own fence it’s not that hard if you use wood. Using simple wooden planks, some nails and paint, you can now have your own fence that is quite secure and presentable. Also, it is less expensive and you can even use recycled wood which can look very rustic and attractive with older style houses, or country style houses. This can be a cheap option as you can often get materials for free or at a very reasonable price and with the right design they look great.

In terms of the disadvantages of wood, wood fences may not last for a long time, unless it is maintained properly.  Depending on the wooden fence styles you choose and the material used, it can easily degrade due to the elements.  You need to do your research so you know the best maintenance program for the wood you choose. It may be as simple as painting the fence every couple of years, but for some people this might be too much work.  Without proper maintenance, your wooden fence will not last for long so you need to think carefully about this before deciding on a style/type of fence.

wood panel fence

Wood panels are an attractive and easy to build option for a fence. Depending on the design they suit a range of house styles. This fence looks great in a contemporary courtyard.

Wood fences may also serve as noise barriers and they make really good privacy screens if you choose a wood panel fence design that uses solid wood without gaps between the planks.  Solid fences on their own can look a bit stark, but the trick there is to break them up with some really nice soft flowing sorts of plants.  Depending on your climate, you can get a really nice tropical feel with some palms and other tropical type plants.  Or if you live in a colder zone, some conifers can look really nice against a wooden fence.  You could go for quite a formal style by planting the conifers along the fence in a very symmetrical way.

Now when it comes to the design of the wooden fence, you may opt for a simple design or you can create your own design. A simple picket fence would do but if you want, you can use your creativity by making a design of your own.  Also, you can simply search online and look for possible designs which you can copy.  Wooden fence designs just provide so many options that it really is worth considering using timber for a fence.

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