Tips to Landscaping with Ranch Style Home

Popular ranch style home from era 1950-1960 after Word War II still found anywhere, specially in US. This architecture style is marked with flexible and comfortable one floor plan, simple line design and easy maintenance. Still relevant for this time if you want build, renovate or creating landscaping with this style. Ranch style home landscaping combines some unique features: broad shady trees and rambling plants, contrasted with vertical plants.

Ranch Style HomePlants selection

Since ranch style home is designed with long horizontal line, for landscaping we can make balance by planting low growing oriented plants, like holy shrub, forsythia shrub and hydrangea shrub. To enhance attraction visually, arrange them in curve foundation, then to improve natural look, add grasses around shrubs. Flower beds can be added, combined with shrubs. When selecting shrubs, medium size is prioritized following simple line home architecture. Other tree you may add combined with shrubs and flower beds are magnolia.

Ranch Style Home LandscapingPrivacy setting

Other advantage of ranch style home landscaping  is on privacy aspect. You may choose between solid wooden fence and fast tall growing plants. For traditional look, wooden fence is good for your landscape. But if you desire more natural and greener environment, then build fence with fast growing plants. These plants enhance freshness and produce more oxygen for your daily living. Fast growing plants alternatives: red cedar, red maple and honey locust.

Ranch Style Home GardeningPaving and potted trees

To connect from driveway into your ranch style home, build walkway from paving. The most problem from this landscaping style is rigid look. Solve this problem with potted trees. At several location, for example in front of garage and along of walkway, you can put potted trees and low plants. Great effort to make it look soften than before. Flower trees are good to colorize your walkway.

Fish pond and waterfall garden

If you like relaxing beside fish pond, this landscaping is fit for you. Create fish pond, combined with fountain waterfall garden. Small size is enough to add relaxation space at your garden. If you like, build koi fish pond, beautiful fishes in your pond. Origin ranch style homes are built at rural region, where natural living with wild life animal still there. This fish pond will invite some wild insects to come in.

Add texture with ornamental grass

Ornamental grasses are widely used at modern landscaping, but also helpful for ranch style home landscaping for adding texture. Select ornamental grasses which grow not more than six feet tall. Some ornamental grasses have pretty flower. Arrange them in cluster based on similarity type and color.

Balancing with small trees

Planting only shrubs, ornamental grasses and low oriented growing plants will be boring and monotonous. Combine with small trees. Limit only small trees that will grow between 15-25 feet tall. General small trees for this purpose are eastern redbud, crap myrtle and eastern flower dogwood.These trees can grow fast and produce beautiful flowers during spring season.

Materials selection

Keep landscaping looks natural. Build walkway and garden edging from brick. Besides affordable price, available anywhere, easy to construct and durable enough, brick existing make your landscaping perfectly reflected genuine ranch style home.

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