The Right Ways to Create Landscaping Design Plans

Better landscaping design plans mean having outdoor view greener, more comfortable, enhance privacy, feeling relax, healthy environment and more family happiness. Successful landscaping design plans need aesthetic touch, plants selection, features organizing and logistic supporting. Always starting from concept design then detailing into master plan. Every landscaping design plans are unique, depending on what your concept. Good view means welcoming feeling for others to come in. Let’s do step by step making stunning landscaping design plan.

Landscaping Design PlansSketch your garden

Starting your landscaping design plans by drawing your garden layout. List all of elements there and add mark which elements are permanent and non permanent. Don’t forget structures such as fences. If there is big tree in your backyard, then it is permanent element because hard to move it to another place. Don’t miss it with water and electrical channels. Water channel for watering garden and electrical channel for lighting. List all existing problem, including water drainage leaking and wild weed growing. All problems must be handled later.

Landscape Design IdeasSpecify specific features you will develope

Many ideas you can consider: swing set for your kids, patio and deck in front of your home, koi fish pond, waterfall garden, garden tool shed and so on. Make priority which is more important than other options because every options have consequence at budget and space area you have.

Landscape Design PicturesSelect the right plants

Plants are primary elements at your garden. Each plant needs specific soil condition for best growing. If you like certain flower plant, but your soil doesn’t support, you need to treat first. Measure pH soil, then balancing with proper fertilizer. Recognize its characteristic. Some plants need sun light and water more than other type.

Aesthetic vs function when selecting plants

People select what plants will be planted based on different reasons. For aesthetic reason, flower plants and ornamental grasses are beautiful. For fencing and enhance privacy, some shrub plants are living green fence. If you want to bring garden into patio, dwarf fruit trees will fulfill your expectation.

Decide maximum area for every feature

After listing all important features you will build, then determine each space for them. The problem comes if you plan too many features in small yard space. You must reselect what can be canceled. The right feature in the right place. Determine the right location for every feature.

Materials selection

Outdoor location is more humid than indoor. Your materials selection must able to handle harder weather, for example brick and rock retaining wall are more durable and stronger than wooden retaining wall, but less beautiful. To solve from confusing problem like this, if you like wood, select strong and solid wood. If you want to put outdoor furniture, wicker is good proven material.

Building walkway

Walkway is for conecting between one location to another location and divide between one plant zone wit another zone. General materials for walkway are made from paving, river rock, brick and stone.

Supporting system

The last factor for comprehensive landscaping design plans are supporting system.  Plan water and electrical channel properly. Your plants need watering regularly and your garden look great after dark if completed with garden lamps. Regularly check water pipe and install electrical outlet in safe location. Water flowing also needed for fish pond and garden waterfall.

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