How to Develop Flower Garden Ideas

Developing flower garden ideas don’t mean planting many flower plants at garden. We have to consider between flower plant types, theme, where to grow and aesthetic function. No all flower plants will fit to all region. Recognize this fact. Find information first or ask to gardener to ensure getting the right flower plants for your garden. Creating flower garden is chance to express your gardening creativity. It’s like a decoration task, but you do at garden.

Flower Garden IdeasWhat color you like

Explore your flower garden ideas based on colors. Beautiful colors from certain flowers can create dramatic visual appearance at the garden. If you like to decorate your garden with red, so pretty red roses are your appropriate plant. While if you love white, tullip can serve your taste. You can blend any colors using several flower plant types together, but ensure they will fit to grow together and not to compete to get nutrients.

Rose Garden IdeasChoose theme

The next step to transform flower garden ideas  is theme selection. Just like decorating a room, beautify garden also involve theme. Themes can be categorized into color, country and region. For example, if you want create purple garden, so use irises to colorize your garden with purple. Theme based on country: Japanese garden style with cherry blossoms and Holland garden style using tulip. While theme to reflect certain region, you can plant ornamental grasses to reflect garden style from warm region.

Outdoor Flower Garden IdeasWhere you put

You can plant flower plants directly into soil or using container. Container give portability benefit whenever you want to move it to rearrange. Container can made from ceramic, clay, wood and plastic. But you may unused boots and teapot as creative container. Put these container in front of door, patio, under window, beside garage, along fence and above brick fence. You may incorporate more than one flower plant types in the same container, but this container must be large enough or you can build rectangle and long container from wood to hold several flower plant types.

All year round vs seasonal garden

There are certain flower plants that produce flowers at certain season, but other types will produce flowers all years, no matter what season is. Realizing flower garden ideas based on seasonal and all year round gardening give you different advantage. Seasonal reduce your boring from seeing the same flowers any time. The best part, you can decide what flower plants for any season. While all year round garden make you can enjoy your garden any time, without waiting certain season come.

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