Creative Coolest Tree Houses for Your Family

Building coolest tree houses could be a hangout place for your kids and family. Good idea as additionally playing room and sanctuary area within your backyard. If there is a big sturdy tree at your yard, your cool tree house idea is ready to build. Only your imagination will restrict your creativity to design a beautiful cool treehouse. Whether you will create a rustic, traditional, or unusual shape as you like, creative decoration will make a perfect appearance.

Coolest Tree HousesTo builds coolest tree houses and specifies first material, paint, floor, window, accessories, entertainment aspect, and anticipation from rain. Find several ideas from the internet, redesign to make fit with your plan, list all materials and tools needed, and then realize your unique treehouse.

The primary material to build all treehouses is wood. Now, you decide whether you will keep its wooden look or paint it. If you follow its natural texture and pattern, your treehouse will be more eco friendly, but if you want to feel like at your real house, paint with colors as you like. But usually, coolest tree houses keep their wooden style, creating unity between the tree and this treehouse.

Coolest Tree Houses For Kids

Do the same with the wooden floor: no paint and no ceramic. Of course, installing ceramic is hard work at the treehouse, besides it doesn’t look common at the treehouse. To enhance comfort, cover the wooden floor with soft carpet. It is regularly bringing a rug to a warm area to throw odor.

Let your treehouse is full of sunshine and wind blow: plan window and its window decoration. For treehouse, a curtain with a floral theme is perfect. Don’t obstruct the sun with a heavy and fatty ornament curtain. Match your window shape with overall treehouse design. The window can be large, small, tall, rectangle, circle, pentagon, and hexagon following your taste.

Create accessories in front of your treehouse. For example, you can hang the sign “Welcome,” “Home Office,” or “Boys Kingdom” on the door. Be creative with your poster, but don’t be too dangerous. It’s only for having a fun purpose.

Think your cool treehouse like a tiny house, but without the wheel. I mean, you must decorate too. Of course, your kids will not happy having treehouse with nothing inside it. Desk, chair, table, rack, and electronic devices if needed. Maybe your kids will play a computer game there. Adult people may use this treehouse as a relaxing room. Add TV and radio to follow the latest news or just to watch a movie and listen to music.

Last, protect all your furnishing and electronic devices from rain. Cover the roof with a plastic sheet and add tree bark and moss as an additional layer on the wall.

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